Sunmi reveals IVE’s ‘Love Dive’ had originally been offered to


K-pop singer Sunmi has shared that she could have been the one to release rookie girl group IVE’s new single, ‘Love Dive’.

During a recent V Live broadcast, the singer and former Wonder Girls member listened to music and chatted with fans. At some point during the stream, Sunmi played the new IVE single and revealed that the song had initially been offered to her.

In a clip archived by a fan on Twitter, Sunmi is seen singing along to the track before sharing her own history with the it. “This ‘Love Dive’ is actually one of the songs I received a demo track for,” she revealed.

“I received the demo, and it was really my style, but I felt that it was a song that would be more charming if sung by a group rather than a soloist. It’s a bit of a pity,” she added. The singer also said that IVE’s version of the track is more “refreshing and cool” than the demo she had heard.

Sunmi also expressed her surprise towards some of the comments she had received from fans, who said that the song would also have suited her.

IVE had dropped ‘Love Dive’ as their second-ever single earlier this month, along with the B-side track ‘Royal’. The release came just four months after the six-member group made their debut in December with the single album ‘Eleven’.

In February, European K-pop festival KPOP.FLEX confirmed that IVE would be performing on both days of its upcoming concert set to take place in May at the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany. Other artists on the line-up include ENHYPEN(G)I-DLEEXO’s Kai, MONSTA X and more.

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