Sixth Dimension – Wick3d


Aatman Panda aka Wick3d is an 18-yrs-young singer, songwriter and music producer from New Delhi, India. Wick3d’s penchant for music is largely inspired by the idea of an unshackled life, with no limits or brakes. Wick3d also holds a strong expression and perspective in the field of visual arts and creates all his own visual art in an attempt to maintain a single core and source for all his creative expressions, be it music, videos or other forms of visual arts.

Wick3d’s debut 7-track EP titled ‘FREE WICK3D’ explores electronic, bass-driven soundscapes in the genre of Dream Pop and has been completely produced, written and performed by him. His inspirations range from Kanye West, Travis Scott and Drake to singer-songwriter Daniel Caeser and dream-pop band Beach House.


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