A Cover Band Of (hed)p


As was advertised, a cover band of (hed)p.e. vocalist Jared Gomes‘ 80s new wave band The Clue did indeed take to the stage at this week’s ‘Gathering Of The Juggalos‘ festival. If you’re wondering why such an obscure band would get a tribute of sorts at the annual festival, it would appear that the booking was more of a not so subtle shot fired at Gomes himself.

In 2014, Gomes infamously attacked an audience member at the festival for heckling him about The Clue during (hed)p.e.‘s set. Before jumping into the audience to physically assault the heckler, it was reported at the time that Gomes said from the stage:

“Fuck you f*ggot; that was the ’80s. I’m done with that. What the fuck ever; that’s how we did shit back in the day. That ain’t me anymore. Fuck you, f*ggot! Fuck this.”

However, Gomes‘ aggressive behavior only emboldened other members of the audience to pick up where the initial heckler had left off. The incident was thought to be one of the catalysts that led to Gomes eventually distancing himself juggalos at large.

As you can see in the below footage, more The Clue-related taunts followed from the audience when (hed)p.e. returned to play the 2016 edition of The Gathering.

Fan-filmed footage of the aforementioned cover band of The Clue performing at this year’s edition of The Gathering Of The Juggalos‘ earlier this week can be found below:

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