AARON LEWIS Performs New Song ‘I Ain’t Made In China’:


STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis played a new song called “I Ain’t Made In China” during his August 4 solo concert at the Psycho Silo Saloon in Langley, Illinois. Fan-filmed video of the performance is available below.

“I Ain’t Made In China” apparently features such lyrics as “I ain’t made in China / From all the cheapest clothes / And I ain’t one for driving an imported foreign car / I’m more like an American muscle from 1966 / I ain’t made in China / I’m American as it gets”.

The 50-year-old Lewis, an outspoken conservative rocker who reinvented himself as a solo country artist in the last decade, released his latest solo album, “Frayed At Both Ends”, in January.

Aaron first dipped his toes into country music with his 2011 EP, “Town Line”. His second full-length album, “Sinner”, arrived in the fall of 2016 and was followed by a stand-alone single, “Folded Flag”.

Lewis released his third full-length country album, “State I’m In”, in April 2019 via Big Machine imprint Valory Music.

STAIND has released seven albums since 1995, the latest being 2011’s self-titled effort. The band has had a number of hit songs during its first two decades, including the Top 10 smash “It’s Been Awhile” from the No. 1 album “Break The Cycle”. Follow-up LPs “14 Shades Of Grey” and “Chapter V” also topped the Billboard chart.

STAIND released its first album in nine years, “Live: It’s Been Awhile”, in May 2021 via Yap’em/Alchemy Recordings. The “Live: It’s Been Awhile” album was accompanied by “The Return Of Staind”, a two-part global streaming series in partnership with Danny Wimmer Presents.

STAIND played its first full live show in five years in September 2019 at the Louder Than Life music festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

Last summer, STAIND completed a U.S. tour as the support act for KORN.

Last November, Lewis claimed that he beat COVID-19 by taking ivermectin, a drug with no evidence of being a safe or effective treatment for the novel coronavirus. He said he also used Z-Pak, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the body.

Lewis made headlines last September when he urged his fans to chant “Fuck Joe Biden” during a STAIND concert in Pennsylvania.

This past March, Lewis told the Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t blindly listen to information that is delivered by the mainstream media.

“I’m not uneducated; I’m actually really smart, and I look for myself. I seek other options of information,” he said. “I refuse to believe that a huge, gigantic corporation has our best interest in mind.”

Asked where he gets his news, Lewis said: “I have news feeds and people that I follow on Telegram. Dan Ball. Andrew Wilkow. Mark Levin. If I’m gonna watch any sort of news source on television, it’s Tucker Carlson.”

Pressed about whether Fox News is an exception to his mistrust of corporations, Aaron said: “I think that if Tucker didn’t have the following he has, he’d be gone. He’s pretty much anchoring the network at this point.”


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