Ever dream of jamming with Metallica? Because we have some


If jamming alongside metal heroes Metallica has always been a dream of yours, well we have some good news: thanks to their partnership with music education company Yousician, you can now do exactly that.

Known as the “Duolingo of Music”, Yousician is an interactive and educational music service which aids music lovers with lessons on how to play a musical instrument. Currently, the programme offers classes in guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and voice.

Now, in a course created by the band, you can learn all there is to know about playing the guitar under the careful instruction of Metallica frontman James Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett. 

Yousician’s patented AI technology will grant players real time feedback as they learn to play the thrash icons’ most celebrated hits. Metallica x Yousician additionally invites fans to go behind-the-scenes and listen to first hand experience from their musical journey as one of rock and metal’s biggest bands.

The Metallica x Yousician service offers three guitar-focused courses on riffs, lead, and rhythm, and the opportunity to learn their favourite songs from the people who wrote them, including Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, One, Fade to Black, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), The Unforgiven, Battery, Mama Said, Master of Puppets, and For whom the Bell Tolls.

It also includes tutorials with James and Kirk that will help you nail those rockstar skills like double bends, real time feedback and exclusive interviews with the band where they share everything from their pre-show rituals, to what’s in their fridges these days (oat milk!), to their secrets for building skills, writing hit songs, and more.

Hadley Spanier, Head of Artist Partnerships at Yousician says: “The Metallica x Yousician courses get guitar players up close and personal with the master musicians they idolize.

“Players will have the opportunity to learn how to play like Metallica straight from Metallica! The unique course pairs unmatched access to the band with Yousician’s AI technology so that guitarists-in-training not only get to learn from the masters, but also get the feedback they need to improve. Players will feel like they are part of the band, playing alongside their idols as they try to master some of the greatest guitar-driven songs of all time ”.

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