Four Ex-Members Of Every Time I Die Have Been Practicing


Several months on from the unfortunate breakup of beloved Buffalo metalcore band Every Time I Die, several of their now former members have been spotted jamming together. Shortly after disbanding officially this past January, 4/5th of Every Time I Die expressed their hope of continuing on in a new group together.

Given the below image recently shared online by the band’s former guitarist Jordan Buckley, those four members (guitarist Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche and drummer Clayton “Goose” Holyoak) were shown to be jamming together. You can see Buckley‘s post on the matter below. He captioned it:

“Yo how fuckin dope is it that the only person who knows what our new parts sound like is the dude that was staying at our Air BNB this week?! Thanks for letting us practice Connor! You fuckin rule!”

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