Mansur stream new album Oscuras Flores in full


Dutch electronic progressive trio Mansur have streamed the hole of their second full-length studio album Oscuras Flores with Prog, which you can lsiten to for free in full below.

Mansur were formed by former The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble man Jason Köhnen (bass/electronics) who is joined by by Dimitry El-De- merdashi (ex-Phurpa) and introducing Martina Horváth on vocals. The sound of Mansur navigates between the waters of musical fantasy and reality – it morphs and blends traditional instrumentation with modern day electronica.

Oscuras Flores, which translates as Dark Flowers, os the band’s second full-length album, following their debut single Temple, debut album Karma, the live and improvised Minotaurus.

“The title derived from a Federico Garcia Lorca poem, and conceptually inspired by the works of Vandana Shiva,” the band explain. “Oscuras Flores is a musical testimony for a return to organic and a healthier symbiosis with our planet. An homage to the natural seeds of life, Mother Nature and planet Earth.”

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(Image credit: Denovali Records)

Mansur: Oscuras Flores
1. Ritua
2. Salome
3. Portal
4. Yaga
5. Lament
6. Relics
7. Trigolosvar
8. Invictus

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