Melodic rock veterans FM deliver hooks galore on ageless album



The worlds of melodic rock and AOR are always weirdly populous, yet you’re far more likely to be strangled with the sleeves of your satin tour jacket than to find another band as good as Brit veterans FM

Their thirteenth album (the clue, as they say, is in the title) offers nothing in the way of wild deviations or quirky experiments. 

Instead it’s simply another demonstration of (a) how FM write better songs than anyone else in the genre, and (b) how Steve Overland’s glorious voice is apparently immune to the passing of time. 

With more hooks than seems strictly fair, up-tempo numbers like Shaking The Tree and the euphoric Turn This Car Around are all charm and elegant impact, while the shuffling pop-rock of Be Lucky and wistful ballad Long Road Home are as good as anything these enduring legends have written. Still the best, then.


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