ALBUM REVIEW: Culture Of Violence


The amalgamation of hardcore and thrash is nothing new, the crossover style has been crushing skulls and surging adrenaline for decades. However, the style has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, with a crop of bands (spearheaded by the late, great POWER TRIP) not only finding a wealth of popularity but helping contribute to make heavy music feel legitimately dangerous again. Building upon the goodwill gathered from last year’s Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda EP, Long Island natives EXTINCTION A.D. arrive with album number three; Culture Of Violence; and it’s a rip-roaring good time.

Unshackled and oozing with attitude, Culture Of Violence goes for the jugular across its ten tracks and its impossible not to get swept up in the musical maelstrom. The opening salvo of the title track comes flying out of the traps at 100 mph as the band unleash a cacophony of groove-soaked riffing and a commanding vocal bark from Rick Jimenez who also showboats with a devilishly cool solo. As far as first impressions go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

From there, EXTINCTION A.D. continue to up the ante and the results are simply euphoric. Dominion blasts with bounce and hefty thrashing riffs, Thirteen swings from intricate leads in the guitar department to a fist raising chorus, and Mastic is a snotty and pent up rager that allows the band to really let loose as they unleash pure aural chaos.

Often, the issue with this concoction of heavy music is that once the initial shock and awe has eased, the second half of a record can lull and fail to match the heights of its adrenaline-surging first half. Fortunately, EXTINCTION A.D sidestep this potential pitfall with aplomb as Culture Of Violence‘s second half is just as thumping as its first. Behind The Times‘ intro throws back to the glory days of thrash with an opening riff that comes straight from the SLAYER playbook before blasting into another bout of groove-laden heaviness, Star Strangled Banner could sit comfortably on a TESTAMENT record, whilst album closer National Disaster ends the record as it began; with one final bout of unrelenting musical chaos. There’s rarely a dull moment across Culture Of Violence‘s compact and streamlined runtime.

With Culture Of Violence, EXTINCTION A.D. present a precise and devilishly cool record, one in which is packed with so much angst and attitude. Upon its conclusion you’ll need a moment to catch your breath as the ride is simply exhilarating. Remember their name, EXTINCTION A.D. are here to command and conquer.

Rating: 8/10

Culture Of Violence - Extinction A.D.

Culture Of Violence - Extinction A.D.

Culture Of Violence is set for release on March 18th via Unique Leader Records. 

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