ALBUM REVIEW: Hate Über Alles


2022 marks 40 years of activity for German metal legends KREATOR; this fact alone is a staggering accomplishment. To mark such a remarkable occasion the band are poised to drop their fifteenth (!!!) full-length studio album entitled Hate Über Alles which is due for release on June 10th via Nuclear Blast Records. If you thought you had witnessed everything you could possibly experience with this band, think again.

Sergio Corbucci Is Dead is a brief, solemn introductory piece that gives a nod to the Italian director famous for his work in the Spaghetti Westerns industry. Whilst relatively perplexing, it will provide the ideal ‘walk-on’ music for festival season. Hate Über Alles slots right back into familiar territory with thunderous drumming, lightning-quick riffing and a powerful scream welcoming you to the party. Crunchy heaviness meets scintillating lead work in signature KREATOR fashion. Killer Of Jesus keeps the bubbling momentum at a scalding temperature. The German outfit has never been one to mince their words and this track is no different, creating a provocative but lasting impact. Addictive hooks aplenty continue to hit the mark.

Crush The Tyrants gears up for war with pounding drum beats and a hefty stride. Whilst less chaotic than its predecessors it is still packed to the brim with mouth-watering riffs.
Strongest Of The Strong is a certified live track that is crying out to be unleashed to the hungry crowds. Huge, anthemic and memorable – it won’t be long before your fists are pumping in approval. Become Immortal adopts the old-school heavy metal approach with no-frills, uplifting instrumentation that has adrenaline flowing copiously through its veins. Conquer And Destroy snaps back into the more speed-inclined mindset, combining blistering musicianship with alluring chorus segments. A definite selection for the highlight reel.

The white-hot tempo of Midnight Sun will send shivers down your neck. Sofia Portanet‘s vocal performance is simply majestic and adds another exciting new dimension to KREATOR‘s already staggering offering. Demonic Future slams its foot down on the accelerator, shooting off into the distance leaving nothing but a plume of smoke in its wake. Emphatic grooves mix it up with frenzied intensity to provide a thrill-packed endeavour. Pride Comes Before The Fall grabs the flaming torch and continues to sprint away with it. Riffs laced with pure aggression lead the charge, supplemented by the odd melodic tinge. Dying Planet portrays an appropriately haunting soundscape, like a demonic symphony ready to consume your soul. The dark, sinister edge amplifies the powerful messages which unfold. An emphatic closing statement which leaves you with some food for thought.

KREATOR are basically a licence to produce anthems. They have nothing left to prove after laying waste to the opposition for decades and still manage to come out all guns blazing with one of their best releases to date. Hate Über Alles treads ground not yet conquered by the thrash metal veterans and shows that they have zero intention of becoming stagnant or predictable in their senior years. One of the most consistent bands to ever grace the planet smash it out of the park yet again.

Rating: 9/10

Hate Über Alles - Kreator

Hate Über Alles is set for release on June 10th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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