ALBUM REVIEW: Shattering Reflection


It’s been five long years since the release of 2017’s Feed Me Violence but Belgian extreme metallers EVIL INVADERS don’t plan to keep you waiting any longer. Their third album Shattering Reflection is out now via Napalm Records and boy is it worth the wait!

Hissing In Crescendo is exactly what you would expect from EVIL INVADERS, rapid fire from the word go. Scintillating drumming, swift shredding and piercing falsetto bursts conjure up a huge opening statement. Die For Me lets the dynamic, lively vocal work of frontman Johannes Van Audenhove lead the charge as he effortlessly chops and changes in pitch and delivery. The crunchy guitar work is a perfect accompaniment. In Deepest Black possesses an enticing, dramatic vibe that would slot right into the 80s heavy metal scene. The clean, melodic tones throughout know exactly how to reel you right in and have you eating out of the palm of their hand, while the phenomenal lead runs are the cherry on the cake.

Sledgehammer Justice delves back into more familiar thrash drenched territory with frenetic energy pouring out of every orifice. So many hooks, such little time. Forgotten Memories feels like it could have been written by KING DIAMOND with its captivating prose and execution. The powerful vocal performance will have your jaw nailed to the floor. Realm Of Shadows offers up a haunting interlude which tees up the equally as ominous Eternal Darkness. The track doesn’t take long to return to the turbo charged sprinting we’ve come to know and love but it also harbours a lot of surprises and exciting transitions to keep you on your toes.

My World throws further mind blowing riff sequences into the mix. The vocal performance is a complete curveball, sounding like the late, great Dave Brockie has been resurrected. Aeon feels like pure escapism as the calming, soothing soundscape washes over you, showing a more daring experimental side to EVIL INVADERS. The Circle reprises the spine tingling theatricality instilled earlier but amplifies it to great effect. The narrative is just as gripping as the incendiary instrumentation. The combination of styles is like a shot of adrenaline straight into your heart ensuring that this release is just as strong arriving as it is departing.

EVIL INVADERS have always been an incredibly consistent band but Shattering Reflection really does shatter all expectations, blowing their creativity wide open and expanding boundlessly. They are just as comfortable sailing along with peaceful harmonies as they are hammering you with crushing ferocity. The Belgian outfit have always been on the precipice of greatness but this album leaves you with no option but to acknowledge just how talented they are.

Rating: 10/10

Shattering Reflection - Evil Invaders

Shattering Reflection - Evil Invaders

Shattering Reflection is out now via Napalm Records.

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