EP Premiere: Masakre – ‘Morbid Extinction’


Masakre band photo

You’re gonna need a shower after this one. Indonesian cult Masakre plays death/crust that drips grime and filth. Morbid Extinction is the band’s third EP, and it’s a blistering eleven minutes. Throw genre conceptions into the abyss; who needs ’em. This is dark and supremely heavy sewer music. Massive thanks to Pulverized Records for giving us the album to share a little early. Morbid Extinction will be released officially on February 18th.

After a sizzle of feedback, “Abhorrent Dreams” immediately bodyslams you into hell. Masakre employ Autopsy’s scabrous approach to death metal. Mix that with Amebix’s monolithic crust, and you get “Merciless Death.” The downright obscene amount of reverb on the vocals might turn off some. But if you tune into Masakre’s subterranean frequency you’re going to love this suckerpunch of scum. The song titles perfectly encapsulate what this album achieves. The engineers who worked on this brilliantly capture the album’s feral, dirty charm. Then there’s the evil artwork by MFA XII, that flings you into a bone-strewn wasteland. This is going to be one of my most recommended albums of the year.

Surrender to Masakre’s merciless death and press play below.

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