Full Album Stream: Fright


Philly/New Jersey crew Fright are kicking it old old school on their self-titled debut. Weighing in at six tracks of ’80s speed and thrash metal with a hearty dose of crust and D-beat, Fright makes no bones about its influences or where the band finds its inspiration.

“Erupting Thunder Dawn” could be a lost Slayer song with its galloping riffs and shout-sang vocals, while “Divine Desecration” channels Venom and newer disciples like Midnight. Track five, “Obliterated Ruin,” owes more to crust than it does to the aforementioned bands but Fright’s debut sounds far from disjointed. There is a nasty punk undertone that runs throughout the album, unifying the varied influences under one filthy banner.

Fright is out April 8 on Horror Pain Gore Death but Decibel is streaming the full album now.

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