Lamb Of God release new cover of Megadeth’s ‘Wake Up


LAMB OF GOD have released a new cover!

The new cover, of the classic MEGADETH song Wake Up Dead, sees the Richmond, Virginia metallers teaming up with MEGADETH themselves for a re-imagining of the track. LAMB OF GOD vocalist D. Randall Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell and drummer Art Cruz recorded the song remotely and recruited the MEGADETH frontman himself, Dave Mustaine, to feature guitar and vocals on the song.

Mustaine lent his signature vocal to the track, with lead guitar work on the various solos by LAMB OF GOD’s own Mark Morton, as well as MEGADETH’s Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro. The recording also includes vocal contributions from MEGADETH members James LoMenzo, Dirk Verbeuren, and Kiko Loureiro.

Speaking about working with LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH mastermind Dave Mustaine says, “we had a blast playing with LAMB OF GOD on their cover of Wake Up Dead. Almost as much fun as we’re going to have playing every night on Metal Tour Of The Year. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!”

Randy Blythe adds, “the first leg of The Metal Tour Of The Year back in 2021 was a total blast, and we’re about to take it on the road again. What better way to kick it off than a little inter-band jam session? All nine members of MEGADETH and LAMB OF GOD are on the thrash classic Wake Up Dead – turn it up, and we’ll see you on the road!” And Mark Morton says, “Wake Up Dead was a massively important song for me as an aspiring young guitar player. It was one of the first songs that began my lifelong love of thrash metal and helped reinforce for me that, while solos may be fun, my allegiance is to the RIFF! So you can imagine what a thrill it’s been for LAMB to cover this legendary song with Dave & the rest of the MEGADETH guys. Truly an honour. We all had a lot of fun putting this together and I think you can hear that energy in the track. I hope everybody enjoys this one and we can’t wait to see y’all on The Metal Tour Of The Year.”

Watch the official music video for Wake Up Dead here: 

Like what you heard? The band will be touring mainland Europe and the UK this November/December, check out the tour dates here!

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