Rhythm Of Fear announce new album ‘Fatal Horizons’


RHYTHM OF FEAR have announced a new album!

Titled Fatal Horizons, the upcoming album from the Florida-based crossover thrashers is the long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s Maze Of Confusion, and is scheduled to be released in October this year, via MNRK Heavy.

The upcoming album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Joey Jones [ROYAL THUNDER, CLOAK] with sci-fi/horror artwork from Mario Lopez [TOXIK, SKELETAL REMAINS, EVIL INVADERS]. Speaking about the upcoming album, vocalist Jay Santiago says, “on Fatal Horizons, we’ve come even more into our own. Maze Of Confusion was very thrash metal and very hardcore driven. Aside from our lead guitar player, all of us grew up in the hardcore scene. We established ourselves as a true crossover band, with fast metal parts and funky hardcore grooves. There’s still a bit of groovy flavor, but Fatal Horizons is even thrashier.”

Alongside the announcement of the new album, the band have released a new music video for the first song lifted from the upcoming album; Tears Of Ecstasy. The new music video was first premiered via Decibel Magazine.

Speaking about the new song, the band says, “when writing the music for Tears Of Ecstasy, we felt we had a song that took us in a new direction. We were careful not to force anything but allowed ourselves to naturally flow into the overall vibe. When we felt the structure was ready for lyrics we took inspiration from Hellraiser. We summoned the spirit of the Hell Priest himself while channeling our inner Cenobites and put together some words of violence, aggression, and seduction. It’s a little homage to a favorite film of ours while asking the age old question: ‘are you willing to die for pleasure?’ Are you?”

Watch the official music video for Tears Of Ecstasy here:

Also, you can view both the track list and artwork for the upcoming new album below:

Track List: 

1. Obsolescence
2. Alien Synthesis
3. Disintegration Of Reality
4. Fatal Horizon
5. Atrocities Beyond The Structures Of The Mind
6. Parasomniac
7. Insidious System
8. Self Destructive Brain
9. Dissolution Of Time In Space
10. Simulated Times
11. Tears Of Ecstasy
12. Oath Made In Hell
13. Ceremony Of Sacrifice

Fatal Horizons - Rhythm Of Fear

Fatal Horizons is set for release on October 14th via MNRK Heavy. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on RHYTHM OF FEAR like their official page on Facebook.


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