Track Premiere: Inerth -“Resilience In”



Spain-based modern metal outfit Inerth walk back to the mid-’90s on new song, “Resilience In,” the second hard-hitting track off new album Void (Abstract Emotions). Self-described as the mid-way point between death metal, industrial, and grindcore, Inerth’s aggro-heavy combo brings to mind forgotten gems like Optimum Wound Profile, Treponem Pal, Meathook Seed, and Red Harvest. Yet, for all Inerth’s desire to rekindle decades-old (yet somehow still relevant) metallic hybridization, the Madrileños’ primary goal is to be a metal band–an extreme one at that. Turns out, Inerth agree with that assessment.

Says bassist Ramón: “Musically, ‘Resilience In’ is one of the most direct and concise songs of the album. For me, it sounds like an odd blend between Entombed’s Wolverine Blues, Napalm Death’s Fear, Emptiness, Despair, and Ministry’s The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste without electronics. Nothing premeditated about it, but those lifetime classic albums are always present for us in one way or another.”

Indeed, the stutter-step drum intro into Makoko and Víctor’s twin-sludge machine riffs on “Resilience In” would indicate a mechanical (or dissonant) approach that had its origins ages ago, but still sounds relevant today. The simple beat works well to drive home the point. Much like Pitch Shifter’s Submit stunner, “Resilience In” is rhythmically straightforward but in its pummeling efficiency is a sonic middle finger. Frontman Santiago possesses a deep, dark burly growl, the kind used to call folks to arms after the last bomb had long dropped. That it’s rooted in the city of Madrid tells another story.

Says Santiago: “‘Resilience In’ is a sonic psycho-geographical approach to the city of Madrid, which it’s portrayed as a modern European Babylon, filled with corrupted opacity and Biblical darkness. I was really influenced by movies like The Day of The Beast, and specially by the outstanding Magius graphic-novel Spring to Madrid. We conjured these influences, mixing them with the cold realistic vision of feeling the city itself.”

Heavy… that’s all we’re gonna say about Inerth’s “Resilience In”.

** Inerth’s new album, Void, is out February 22nd, 2022 on Abstract Emotions. Pre-orders for LP, CD, and cassette will be available HERE in the coming weeks. As Napalm Death once opined, placate, sedate, eradicate…

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