‘Barry’: Forgiveness Has to Be Earned in HBO’s First Season


The first teaser for Barry‘s long-awaited third season has arrived ahead of the show’s April premiere date, and there’s a lot of drama in store.

In the brief segment, viewers get a little recap of last season’s final moments and reveals, including the message from Monroe Fuches (Stephen Root) to Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) that Barry (Bill Hader) was responsible for his girlfriend Detective Janice Moss’ (Paula Newsome) death. And so, it’s a fitting voiceover from Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan), which says, “Forgiveness has to be earned.”

Barry Season 3 Anthony Carrigan

(Credit: HBO)

This is just one of the many details teasing the next chapter, including a waiting room comfort session between Barry and girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg), Gene contemplating things over a gun, and much more. And while Noho Hank claims forgiveness must be earned, a voiceover from Barry argues, “Everybody deserves a second chance.”

In Season 3, Barry is attempting to untangle himself from the world of contract killing and fully immerse himself into acting, but getting out continues to be messy. While Barry has eliminated many external factors over the past two seasons, he’ll discover they weren’t the only forces at play. This time around, he’ll try making the right choices as will those around him.

Set to kick off Sunday, April 24, Barry‘s third season includes eight all-new episodes which will air on HBO and stream on HBO Max. Created by Alec Berg and star Bill Hader, the pair serve as directors and writers as well as executive producers alongside Aida Rodgers and Liz Sarnoff.

Catch the exciting teaser, below, and stay tuned for more first looks as Season 3 of Barry nears.

Barry, Season 3 Premiere, Sunday, April 24, 10/9c, HBO and HBO Max

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