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Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever doesn’t always get as much love as other Batman movies and part of the reason for that is its uninspiring plot. Two villains seeking to read minds and learn the identity of Batman isn’t exactly smart by DC standards. Luckily, the movie is still entertaining because members of the star-studded cast all give outstanding performances.

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Another thing that stands out about the movie is the dialogue. Almost every character drops one interesting remark after another, leaving audiences impressed. But among the hundreds of quotes are a few ones that stand out not only because of the choice of words but also because of how brilliantly they are delivered.


When Batman Sees Robin’s Costume For The First Time

“Who Is Your Tailor?”

Batman mocks Robin's costume in Batman Forever

Batman is unimpressed when he sees Dick Grayson’s new Robin costume for the first time. He asks him who his tailor is and Alfred pleads guilty.

To Batman, Grayson’s red and green costume looks childish, especially since it has no special features compared to his own. Additionally, it’s too bright for his liking. Though it’s still aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t rank highly among the best Robin live-action suits. Thanks to Titans, viewers got to see what an ideal Robin suit should look like.

When Riddler Compares Two-Face And Batman’s Entrances

“Your Entrance Was Good. His Was Better. The Difference? Showmanship”

Riddler praises Batman's entrance in Batman Forever

Shortly after Two-Face crushes Riddler’s party to confront him about delaying killing Batman, the Caped Crusader shows up through the ceiling. An enthusiastic Riddler praises the grand entrance, suggesting Two-Face ought to do better.

One of the reasons Riddler is considered one of the best Batman movies villains is that he also loves showmanship. That’s why prefers using Riddles instead of tackling subjects directly. He is impressed that Batman managed to make his way into the room through the roof yet there’s a high level of security. Ordinarily, Batman’s appearance ought to freak him up but here, he sees it fit to appreciate the enemy’s brilliance.

When Batman Thinks Of Reasons Why Dr. Meridan Has Fallen For Him

“Chicks Dig The Car.”

Batman flirts with Dr. Chase Meridan in Batman Forever

Batman can’t quite figure out why the GCPD psychologist, Dr. Chase Meridan, has a crush on him. He comes up with a couple of theories, including the fact that she simply likes the Batmobile as most women do.

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With his words, Batman reinforces the stereotypes about women loving men in cool cars but it sure sounds funny, coming from him. Fans would normally not expect the Dark Knight to make such a teen-like pronouncement but by doing so, he comes off as more of a fun Gotham savior compared to the darker versions that have been presented to fans lately.

When Two-Face Orders His Goons To Attack Batman

“Very Punctual, Even To His Own Funeral! Boys, Kill The Bat!”

Two-Face At The Circus - Batman Forever

Two-Face figures Batman has arrived when he hears the elevators beeping. Quickly, he orders his goons to prepare to attack and kill him.

Fans of mob movies will notice that the remark is a slightly altered version of one of Tommy DeVito’s best quotes in Goodfellas. There, the mobster tells an associate that they were always late, even to their funeral, before shooting them. Here, Two-Face figures Batman has arrived early to his execution. However, the Bat proves him wrong.

When Riddler Knocks Out Stickey With A Coffee Kettle

“Caffeine Will Kill Ya.”

Riddler knocks Stickley in Batman Forever

When Fred Stickley—the supervisor of Wayne Enterprises’ Electronic Division—spots Edward (Riddler) testing out his banned invention, he goes to alert security. However, Stickley knocks him out with a coffee kettle before making a rather comical remark.

There are dangers to excessive caffeine drinking but Riddler takes things rather literally by trying to kill Stickley using a kettle full of coffee. During his early days as a Wayne Enterprises employee, Riddler is fully convinced that his idea to channel TV signals directly into a person’s brain is a good one. Bruce Wayne and Fred Stickley turning down his idea are what inspire him to break bad.

When Alfred Explains To Grayson What’s In The Locked Room

“Master Wayne’s Dead Wives.”

A curious Grayson once asks Alfred what’s inside the room that’s always locked up. Alfred jokes that it’s a place where Bruce’s dead wives are kept, terrifying Grayson in the process.

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Alfred isn’t always known for dark humor but he proves that he can be quite comical on this occasion. Grayson, on the other hand, demonstrates a deep sense of curiosity when Bruce Wayne takes him in. It’s this curiosity that eventually leads him to discover the Batcave. And even then, he doesn’t slow down, opting to test-drive the Batmobile.

When Dr. Meridan Proposes A Date

“I’ll Bring The Wine, You Bring Your Scarred Psyche.”

Chase Meridian Speaking With Batman - Batman Forever

Noticing that Batman is playing hard to get,  Dr, Meridan comes up with the ultimate proposal. She’ll get the wine. All he has to do is be Batman.

Dr. Meridan does quite a good job of seducing Batman. First, she turns on the Bat-signal, forcing him to show up, before unapologetically hitting him with one flirtatious remark after another. And her plan works. Thanks to her charm, she could be considered one of Batman’s best love interests.

When Bruce Wayne Suggests A Superhero Name For Dick Grayson

“How About Dick Grayson – College Student?”

Bruce Wayne suggest a superhero name for Dick Grayson in Batman Forever

After vowing to be Batman’s sidekick, Dick Grayson asks Bruce Wayne what his new superhero name should be. Well, Bruce has the perfect answer.

Despite Grayson’s willingness to be Batman’s sidekick, the Gotham hero doesn’t initially see him as worthy enough of that task. By mentioning ‘college student,’ he implies that Grayson is too young to put himself in danger. Nonetheless, after becoming Robin, Grayson proves Bruce wrong by being a reliable Number 2.

When Batman Declines Alfred’s Offer Of A Sandwich

“I’ll Get Drive-Thru”

Before Batman heads out in the first few minutes of the movie, Alfred suggests he takes a sandwich. Batman declines, before sarcastically remarking that he’ll pass by a drive-thru with his Batmobile.

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Once again, Batman is seen to be in a top comical form in the movie. The chances of him stopping at a fast-food restaurant while driving his Batmobile are minimal. But the fact that he even thinks about it is hilarious. The caring Alfred is therefore left with no choice but to shelve his sandwich plans.

When Two-Face Reacts To Another Defeat From Batman

“The Bat’s Stubborn Refusal To Expire… Is Driving Us Insane.”

Two Face laments about Batman's grit in Batman Forever

Two-Face can’t. for the life of him, understand why Batman always outfoxes him. After yet another defeat, he goes on a rant, wondering what it’ll take to kill the superhero.

Killing Batman is never an easy task. His death has happened a few times in the comics but none of the live-action villains have ever managed to completely defeat him. As for Two-Face, his frustration is understandable since he believed it would be an easy task. But like everyone that came before him, he fails.

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