Best Moments From ‘Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute’


Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute is just as much a roast of Bob Saget’s best friends as it is a memorial to the late star. A collection of Saget’s comedian and musician pals take the stage at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, one of the late star’s favorite places, to reminisce in the Netflix special, which debuted Friday, June 10.

Saget died of an accidental blunt head trauma on January 9 in Florida. Filmed shortly after the Full House alum’s memorial, Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute is kicked off by Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, John Stamos, John Mayer, Jeff Ross, and Darren Criss. They bring Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo-Saget, to the stage for some opening remarks.

The rest of the night features appearances from Mike Binder, Jackson Browne, Seth Green, Mike Young, Michael Keaton, Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Jon Lovitz, and Saget’s daughters, Lara, Aubrey, and Jennifer Saget. Saget’s first wife and mother of his daughters, Sherri Kramer, was also in the audience.

The special doubled as a fundraising event for the Scleroderma Research Foundation. Saget was a longtime advocate for the organization after his sister, Gay Saget, died of scleroderma in 1994. Here are the most memorable moments from the tribute special.

Kelly Rizzo-Saget

Saget’s wife takes the stage early on and thanks everyone for attending. She cracks some jokes, expresses how much Saget would love the tribute, because “never did he think that I would be on stage at The Comedy Store being backed up by Jim Carrey and Chris Rock.”

Rizzo shares that Saget would always give her “the tour” of The Comedy Store whenever they were there and looking back on his favorite memories from growing up on that stage.

“Bob deserved all the love in the world, and I loved him more than anything, so thank you all very much,” she says through tears.

“The Bob Saget Blues”

With Mayer, Chris, and Stamos providing background blues music, Carrey, Rock, and Ross improvise jokes and share stories as part of “The Bob Saget Blues.” During this segment, Ross reveals Mayer paid for a private plane to transport Saget’s body back from Florida where he died.

“I think it’s sad that little f**ker had to die to get Jim Carrey back on stage,” Rock teases during the song.

“I only come out on sad occasions,” Carrey replies with a smile.

“If this is the only way we’re gonna see you perform, I’m gonna kill Eddie Murphy next week,” Rock cracks. Later, Ross gets sentimental.

“Even though he had every chance to become some Hollywood phony, he never did. He had every chance to be better. He had so much loss in his life. Bob never did it. He always worked through positivity,” he says, later adding, “I hope everybody here either had Bob as a friend like that, or someday has a friend like Bob.”

Stories From Friends

During his appearance, Green says they all got together at The Comedy Store when Robin Williams died, reiterating how much The Comedy Store means to the comedians.

Stamos reads the last text he got from Saget, which poked fun at Mayer.

“I love you so much,” the text reads. “I will say that God gave me the brother that I wanted, and I love you for it.”

'Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute' on Netflix


“And I said, ‘Well, you have a lot of God-given brothers, but I’m first, right?’” Stamos goes on. “And he said, ‘Yes, you are, because Brad Grey died … I said something about John Mayer, and he said, ‘Mayer’s an amazing friend, but he’s more fair weather. You’re always there, so you’re number one.’”

Mayer (“Bob’s second best friend”) then explains why their unexpected friendship worked so well.

Video Tributes

Keaton and Lovitz appear via video messages, each throwing their comedic chops into the ring. Keaton pretends not to know that Saget died, confusing the video request for a birthday thing. But then he gets tearful when sharing his true feelings for the comedian. In his video, Lovitz jokes that he got Saget’s tour dates after his death.

In addition to a touching Full House behind-the-scenes montage, Stamos shares video clips from Saget’s memorial with the audience. The clip opens with the Full House cast sharing memories. Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Stamos are all there. If Jodie Sweetin was in attendance, she’s not visible in this clip. Bure shares some memories of her TV dad, and then Coulier speaks.

Chappelle and Allen speak at the memorial, held at Full House executive producer and director Jeff Franklin‘s house, next.

Musical Performances

Browne performs “For a Dancer,” Mayer performs “Stop This Train,” and Browne and Mayer perform Browne’s “These Days.”

Later on, Saget’s daughters and wife take the stage with the comedians and musicians. And the tribute closes out with everyone singing along to a video of Saget singing his signature comedy song, “My Dog Licked My Balls.”

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