Bob Odenkirk Thanks Fans and Co-Stars in Emotional Video Following


Better Call Saul is over.

The hit Breaking Bad spinoff wrapped its six-season run Monday on AMC.

Bob Odenkirk took to Twitter following the shocking finale and shared a video to thank fans and co-workers.

The Stakes Are Raised - Better Call Saul

“Thanks for giving us a chance, because we came out of maybe a lot of people’s most favorite show ever and we could have been hated for simply trying to do a show, but we were given a chance, and hopefully, we made the most of it,” Odenkirk said.

Odenkirk originated the role on Breaking Bad in 2009, and it’s clear he has a lot of feelings about saying goodbye to the character of Saul Goodman.

Bob Odenkirk attends the

“Everybody’s been asking me how I feel about saying goodbye to Saul Goodman and Better Call Saul, and I’m not good at answering the question because it’s frankly hard for me to look at that experience and even at that character too closely,” explained Odenkirk.

“It’s too many moving parts, and they fit together too beautifully, and it’s a mystery to me how it even happened,” he continued.

“I want to thank Vince Gilligan and Pete Gould… I did nothing to deserve this part, but I hope I earned it over six seasons.”

The star went on to thank co-stars and crew members on the successful series.

Bob Odenkirk attends The 2nd Annual HCA TV Awards:

“I’ll never be around so many great people doing their jobs so well, I can’t imagine it.”

The Better Call Saul endgame has been planned for a while now, and the series ended while it was still creatively strong.

Many shows end too late, but Gilligan and Gould crafted a character that resonated with fans in a big way.

It remains to be seen whether the franchise will stage a comeback, but for now, we can take solace in the fact that it ended while it was still good.

Check out the full video from Odenkirk below.

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