Days of Our Lives Round Table: Was Kayla’s Job Stolen?


Kayla was fired. Chad made Belle his scapegoat. Tony agreed to move in with Sarah/Renee, and Ben and Ciara planned a gender reveal party on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Silvananoir from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate whether Craig stole Kayla’s job, Sonny’s obsession with taking down Leo, if Anna is being insensitive, and Chad framing Belle, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was the Board being unreasonable in firing Marlena? Should Kayla have lost her job for refusing to fire Marlena? And was Kayla correct when she accused Craig of “stealing” her job?

Silvananoir: There were honestly a bunch of times on this show that both should have been fired. In this case, Marlena does deserve it from the Board’s perspective. At the very least, she should be put on administrative leave at the hospital.

Kayla, on the other hand, did not deserve to be fired. Warned sure, reprimanded, absolutely. But the way Burns fired her was uncalled for and completely unprofessional.

Jack: This story is so far removed from reality it’s hard to tell what’s reasonable and what’s not. That said, the Board had no problem with Marlena remaining on staff after Hattie took over her life and gave similar bad advice to patients, so why now?

Seth Burns made it clear he didn’t believe Marlena was really possessed and that she was delusional to say so. If that’s the case, a more reasonable solution would be to have another psychiatrist from outside the hospital evaluate her before returning to work.

Since the Board has to vote on it after a hearing, Seth Burns wasn’t actually firing Marlena — he was suspending her pending a hearing. There was little reason for Kayla not to go along with it since Marlena could be vindicated at such a hearing.

Craig Considers Leo's Plan - Days of Our Lives

As for Craig stealing her job, that’s nonsense. This isn’t anything like what happened between him and Mike Horton all those years ago.

ALL that happened was that Craig told Seth Burns that IF the position opened up, he’d be interested. What’s wrong with that?

It’s especially stupid because Marlena told Kayla minutes before, “If you don’t fire me, they’ll replace you with someone who will.” And that’s exactly what happened. So how can Kayla blame Craig for that or have any animosity toward him whatsoever?

Christine: Marlena claims she wasn’t advising her patients; the Devil was. That’s a huge liability, and I can’t imagine a hospital that wouldn’t fire her.

The Board ordered Kayla to let Marlena go, and she refused. It shouldn’t come as a shock that they fire her.

And Craig didn’t steal anything. He had nothing to do with Kayla being fired. He simply made the Board aware that he was interested and had prior experience. Someone else was going to be hired for Kayla’s job. It might as well be Craig.

Ben Warns Jake / Tall - Days of Our LIves

Do you think Ciara and Ben are having a boy or a girl? Why do you think the Devil is interested in the baby’s gender?

Silvananoir: Probably a boy. Honestly not sure. But I’m so over this story.

Jack: I have no idea what sex the baby Ciara and Ben are having, nor do I care. I find gender reveal parties obnoxious. I also have no idea what the Devil cares about that.

I hope that they don’t go the route of the Devil changing the baby’s gender because that comes too close to the suggestion that transgender people are just tricked by the Devil into thinking they are a different gender.

Christine: Does anyone really care? I am curious whether the show will go the route of naming a boy Bo.

As for the Devil, I can’t quite figure out what he wants with this baby, boy or girl.

Jake and Gabi Woo Johnny / Tall  - Days of Our Lives

Do you hope to see Jake and Gabi reconcile?

Silvananoir: Kinda? I enjoy them, but at the same time, I got bored of them. They really turned me off during their scheming to take over Titan.

I think we all need a break from them. I want to see what Jake does without Gabi and without Dimera. Does he actually want anything? Did he even really want the whole corporate thing?

Jack: Not really. Jake was right. Gabi didn’t trust him, didn’t talk to him, and was easily swayed to stab him in the back. He deserves better.

Christine: Gabi and Jake are kind of one-note. Either they’re in bed, or they’re scheming. I like Jake when he’s interacting with Ben and Ciara, so it might be nice to see what he does when not in Gabi’s orbit.

Tony and Anna Disagree / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Is Anna being insensitive to Sarah’s plight, or is Tony simply enabling Sarah’s delusions?

Silvananoir: I don’t think it’s good for Sarah to encourage this delusion. Anna could be seen as insensitive, but she’s no fool. She’s seen all the shenanigans’ that Salem has to offer, lived through Rolf, Stefano, and Andre. She knows where this is going and is not having it. Good for her.

Jack: Tony is enabling Sarah’s delusions, as is Maggie. Could Anna be nicer? Yes, she could. There was no reason for her to be rude the second Maggie brought up Sarah’s name.

But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s essentially correct. Sarah’s care should be overseen by an actual psychiatrist, and if she’s so severely delusional that she won’t go home with Maggie unless Tony moves in with them, she needs to go to Bayview.

Maggie being upset about that is NOT a reason to engage in this ridiculous scheme.

Christine: Anna was just being mean. She’s never been the most sensitive person, and she could show a little more compassion. This isn’t really Renee. It’s a psychologically damaged Sarah.

But Tony and Maggie are fools. Sarah/Renee could quickly become a danger to herself or others. She needs psychiatric care. Having her live at home and run loose in Salem is asking for trouble, maybe even tragedy.

Belle Updates EJ / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Chad have come up with another plan to free EJ besides framing Belle?

Silvananoir: Yes. This is a stupid plan, and Chad should feel stupid for doing it. Betraying Belle in this way will blow up in his face when Abby finds out. Unless he comes clean on his own, he’s going to lose big.

Jack: There’s really no good plan here unless Chad is willing to throw Lucas under the bus so that this can all be straightened out.

I don’t like the idea of framing Belle. It’s bad enough that she and everyone around her think she was possessed when she wasn’t. If Chad wanted to take the fall himself, fine, but don’t blame Belle for Lucas and Chad’s bad behavior.

Christine: Ugh. Belle has been through so much.

Chad doesn’t want to go to jail, and he wants to remain loyal to Kate. But Lucas did kidnap Sami, and that needs to come out eventually. Sadly, Chad is willing to pin it on Belle because it’s the easy way out.

Chad is Guilt-Ridden / Tall - Days of Our Lives

In which character were you most disappointed this week in Salem?

Silvananoir: Chad. He knows better. He knows this is stupid, and he knows there will be terrible consequences for him. He may be a Dimera, but he is no schemer. He’s no EJ, no Kate, and no Gabi. He is not cut out for this, and I can’t believe he went along with it.

Jack: I was disappointed that Chad went along with Sonny and Will’s stupid plan to break up Craig and Leo, but I was even MORE disappointed in Sonny. He was manipulative and ridiculous. That’s not the Sonny I know and love!

I was also super disappointed that Maggie decided to go along with Sarah’s delusions instead of putting her in Bayview. And Tony should never have gone along with it. He and Anna should be on the same page about this, not fighting with each other!

Kayla blaming Craig for her job loss when she’d been warned this would happen was ridiculous and beneath her.

Will and Sonny Ask for Help / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Similarly, Xander can stop blaming Abigail for Sarah’s condition any time now.

Christine: Sonny! Did he actually say that Leo setting him up was worse than Gwen drugging Abigail, which caused her to be institutionalized, and convincing Chad that Abigail was cheating on him? T

hen he wanted Abigail to go to prison and visit Dr. Rolf solo because having Chad set up Leo was more important. And heaven forbid Chad and Abby kiss in their own home because Leo might be lurking around any corner.

What’s going on with Sonny? Will said he was still having trouble sleeping because of what Leo did to him years ago. Sonny sounds paranoid and obsessed. I think he needs therapy asap.

A Romantic Proposal / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Silvananoir: I didn’t really enjoy this week’s show. But I have to admit that I loved Anna. She’s just a lot of fun to watch and made the show a bit more alive for me.

Jack: I liked Tripp and Steve’s conversation. Ava was also surprisingly supportive when she found out what happened with Tripp and Allie.

Christine: I loved that Ava never told Tripp I told you so. She was compassionate and supportive of her son but never mentioned her reservations about Allie. I really love their mother/son relationship.

And as usual, I loved Leo. When Abigail claimed that Chad came home from Phoenix and wanted to try on a dress, Leo’s response made me laugh. “Trust me, it takes way more than a weekend in Phoenix to make that happen.”

And as much as I hate that Chad is pinning his crimes on Belle, I did like Kate telling him, “You’re framing the Devil. I don’t think he’s going to be offended.”

Nancy Confronts Leo / Tall - Days of Our Lives

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