Dwayne Johnson Requested DC Make One Badass Change To His


Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has been a long time coming and, now, the delayed DC Comics adaptation is heading to the big screen later this year. The actor seems more than excited to finally be playing the role of Teth-Adam, which has been evident through his various social media posts. The Hollywood A-lister has dropped some sweet behind-the-scenes photos and facts over the past year or so. And in one of his latest posts, he confirmed that he requested a badass change to his superhero costume. 

The suit that the Rock will be sporting in Black Adam is pretty sick and relatively close to the garb that the intimidating antihero wears within the comics. However, he wasn’t always pleased with his superhero duds. After a fan took to Twitter and said that the actor wasn’t utilizing padding for his costume, the star himself retweeted the post and backed up the claim. He then explained that it was due to a decision that he’d made and explained why he asked for the padding to be removed: 

I had the DC costume team remove all the thick muscle padding they put in the original Black Adam suit. The goal is to usher a new era of antihero, so I wanted to put in the hard work and raise the bar.

One thing Dwayne Johnson has consistently been lauded for throughout his career is his commitment to the roles that he takes on. He never seems to do anything without putting every possible bit of effort that he can muster into it. Considering just how special Black Adam is to him, there was no chance Johnson was going to half-do anything during the production process. That includes his physical training for the role. 

For much of 2021 and most of this year, the Rock has shared updates on his training for the comic book movie. The man put in some serious work and, by the time filming began, he was sporting bulging muscles and unbelievable-looking legs. He even continued to work out amid filming, which is also a clear sign of his commitment. Though he said he found it “challenging” to stay superhero fit amid production, he ultimately powered through, and the results are more than apparent. 

The Red Notice alum has been working on reshoots lately, and his physique is still downright incredible, to say the least. Recently shared photos have revealed biceps that look like tree stumps and thighs that you have to see to believe

So I’d say that Dwayne Johnson definitely didn’t need any type of padding to successfully pull off this role. If anything, it could’ve just been a hindrance to his work. It’s great to see someone like Johnson really put in the work, and it could be one of the reasons that so many people appreciate what he delivers on the big screen.

Black Adam is set to fly into theaters on October 21st as part of the 2022 schedule of upcoming movies.

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