Elden Ring: 10 Bosses Best Handled In Co-op


Officially released on February 25th, Elden Ring players have only just begun exploring this massive new world and the cruel bosses that guard it. With each new boss more devastating than the last, new players unfamiliar with From Software’s brutal game-play will find relief in the game’s Co-op function.

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Elden Ring’s multiplayer makes a serious difference for new players going up against crushing opponents, as it allows for up to two players to join a host’s game. Here are a few bosses that can be made easier with some persistence and the help of a loyal friend.

10 Margit, The Fell Oman

Elden Ring Margit Fell Omen and Margott Are The Same Character Boss

The Troublesome first boss has spawned numerous Elden Ring memes regarding his difficulty and is found blocking the path to Stormveil Castle. His sweeping quick attacks and phase two-shift are sure to give new players a rude awakening about what awaits them in the later game.

Taking this opponent on alone is difficult, discouraging, and by no means the only path to victory. Fighting with another player will split Margit’s attention and allows players to heal and deal damage without certain death. During the battle, Margit will switch between long-ranged and close-ranged attacks depending on the player’s location in the area. With a trusted friend keeping his attention locked, ranged players will have an advantage as they deal damage safely from a distance.

9 Spirit-Caller Snail

The Spirit-Caller Snail in a dark cave in Elden Ring

Tucked away in the Road’s End Catacombs is a tricky boss that appears to be a large knight spirit. Though his move sets are not too complex, his attacks deal heavy damage, and more importantly, he’s unkillable. To defeat the boss, you must defeat the invisible Snail casting the spirit.

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While alone, players will have to evade the powerful and unforgiving spirit while combing the room for the hidden Snail. It’s difficult, to say the least. With Co-op play, a set of friends can take the spirit’s attention while the other player finds and kills the snail, making quick work of the boss and access to easy Runes.


8 Fell Twins

The Fell Twin in a dark space in Elden Ring

These Ogre-like twins are found on the bridge leading to the Forbidden lands. Once they appear a dark mist consumes the screen and the fight happens in total darkness. Attacking together with flaming weapons, they are quick to overwhelm even skilled players.

The biggest advantage Co-op offers in this boss fight is the chance to even the odds. If you can separate the twins and fight a fair one v one fight, players will have a better chance at victory. Defeating the Fell Twins will reward players 29,000 Runes, making for an easy and lucrative boss fight.

7 Putrid Avatar

A character fighting agaisnt a large monster in Elden Ring

Guarding the Second Minor Erdtree in Caelid is a tank mini-boss who drops 91,000 Runes. He’s slower than other bosses, but still deals heavy damage and has a brutal long-ranged attack in the second half of the fight.

With the help of the multiplayer mode, players can divide the Avatar’s attention and deal quick damage before the creature can strike back, making it a much easier fight. With a massive drop of Runes, defeating this boss is a straightforward way for players and their teammates to level up quickly.

6 Starscourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn

Located in Caelid, this pivotal enemy is one of the hardest boss battles in Elden Ring. He’s gigantic and deals an incredible amount of damage through a variety of attacks.

While the NPC summoning signs provided in the boss arena are great for calling Radahn’s attention away for a few seconds, they don’t deal the most damage. With Co-op, players have the potential to summon other players better equipped than the NPCs. Stronger players will hold Radahn’s attention longer, do more damage, and provide more time for crucial healing and spell casting.

5 Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Deep down in the bottom of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree is a demi-god boss-type with two wicked phases. She closes gaps fast and has a few relentless combos that make it frustrating for solo players to defeat her.

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With co-op enabled, players and their teammates can effectively counter the boss’s speed by alternating between long-range and short-range attacks. Dividing her attention and taking advantage of the breaks in her combos will allow for a grand pick-up of 490,000 Runes. Though difficult, she proves to be a boss worth beating to quickly level up players and their teammates.

4 Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void

Astel Naturalborn of the Void Elden Ring

This massive opponent is optional to the main storyline but a requirement for some of the best and most important Elden Ring side quests. The boss is located near the Grand Cloister, through the scarlet rot, and is known for its devastating long-ranged attacks and punishing shock-wave damage.

Utilizing co-op with this boss fight will give players a major upper hand in combat. Summoning Ashes is allowed and may help distract the monster, but spirits won’t be able to deal the same amount of damage as a player in the fight. With two or three players coordinating a barrage of close and long-range attacks, the boss will stay confused and easy to manage.

3 Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Hoarah Loux)

Elden Ring First Lord Godfrey

In the late game, players will find themselves face to face with a supposedly defeated boss. After the capital has been destroyed return to Leyndell, Capital of Ash, and take on Godfrey once again. The first Elden Lord returns with a menacing phase 2 to humble players who insist on fighting alone.

When alone, Godfrey’s phase 2 shift can be overwhelming as his entire move set changes and he transforms into a close-combat grappling style opponent. With a teammate or two and a plan of attack, phase 2 will be less of a headache and more of a cash-cow as Godfrey drops 300,000 Runes after defeat. While one player keeps Godfrey locked in close range another can heal or deal damage from a distance.

2 Royal Knight Loretta

A character facing a ghost-like enemy in Elden Ring

Found at the Moongazing Grounds in Caria Manor, the boss Royal Knight Loretta rides a massive steed, wields a wicked polearm, and uses powerful glintstone spells. With plenty of attack options, this boss is difficult for low-level solo players.

One of Royal Knight Loretta’s more powerful attacks is her sweeping Glintblade Phalanx which combines a sweeping attack and a barrage of magic projectiles. Unfortunately, in Co-op players can’t access one of the cool new Elden Ring game-play mechanics and ride their steed for a jousting boss battle with friends. Instead, teammates will have to work around the enemy’s steed by staggering their distance and diverting the boss’s attention away from one player. This is a great boss for new Co-op teams to learn how to effectively fight together. After defeating the boss, players will score an easy 10,000 Runes to help level each other up.

1 Mohog, Lord Of Blood

The Mohog, Lord Of Blood standing still in Elden Ring

Deep within the Siofra River at the Mohgwyn Palace is an unrelenting boss with an affinity for deadly blood magic. Mohog is a tricky boss that can curse players and drain their health while increasing his, making him difficult for unprepared solo players.

Great news, Mohog may start the battle as a hard-hitting tank, but he’ll end the battle as a flying hard-hitting tank. Challenging this boss with a friend will even the playing field and keep Mohog from locking on to a specific player for too long. Most importantly, with two players keeping Mohog distracted, there will be more time for the healing required while the boss drains players’ health. Fighting together with teammates will ensure Mohog is losing more health than he gains.

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