‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Dylan McDermott Introduces the ‘Weird’ Remy Scott


The FBI Fugitive Task Force is chasing a couple of forbidden lovers on a killing spree this week on Most Wanted, but doing so under a new leader. Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott, above) replaces Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon, who exited the show voluntarily in March), tragically killed on the job and now sorely missed.

McDermott—fresh off a memorable run on Law & Order: Organized Crime — shares his thoughts on making his new character stand out (one bonus: getting to drive a sexy Alfa Romeo!), moving from villain to hero and taking up a dangerous new hobby.

Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott in FBI Most Wanted

Mark Schäfer/CBS

Are you happy to go over to the good side with Supervisory Special Agent Scott or will you miss Organized Crime’s sociopathic Richard Wheatley?

Dylan McDermott: Of course, I miss him—he was so much fun to play. But it’s time to cross over because I’ve been playing bad guys and questionable characters for a minute.

After they lost their beloved boss so abruptly, how does the unit react to Remy?

The devastated team is checking him out, and he’s sizing them up as well. That gives us something to play over time. We learn a lot about him in [the first episode], which is great because you’re asking an audience to accept a new lead and they’ll be judging you.

Miguel Gomez, Dylan McDermott, Keisha Castle-Hughes in FBI Most Wanted

Mark Schäfer/CBS

What do we learn?

Remy is very good at what he does. He’s skilled. He’s intelligent. He’s got a dark, wry sense of humor. He’s physical, heroic. He’s self-effacing and just a little bit weird as well. Put that in a blender and you get this guy.

What’s his professional background?

He’s been in the FBI for a while, most recently in Las Vegas. There’s a personal side that gives him a reason for doing this job. I thought that was really important.

Did you come up with Remy’s weirdness?

Absolutely. I like to surprise people. [Executive producer] Dick Wolf gave me carte blanche to create and ad-lib on Organized Crime, and he gives me that freedom on FBI: Most Wanted as well.

I hear you had to learn a new sport for the role.

Hatchet throwing! This is the craziest thing you could possibly do — in a bar. I’d never done it before, but I actually got a bull’s-eye.

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