Harrison Ford Is Heading To Streaming For His First-Ever TV


Harrison Ford is widely known for his work on the big screen, from his iconic roles in massive franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars to his performances in smaller features like Regarding Harry and Sabrina. With so many film credits under his belt, it’s no wonder he hasn’t done any regular television work over the years. That’s about to change, though, as the star is heading to the small screen for his first-ever starring role. And he’ll be doing so by way of streaming. 

Harrison Ford has been cast in Shrinking, a 10-episode series that’s been set up at Apple TV+. According to TVLine, the series will pair the 79-year-old actor star with Jason Segel, who also created the show alongside Ted Lasso’s Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. As of right now, the streamer has not announced a release date for the upcoming show. 

Shrinking sees Jason Segel playing the role of Jimmy, a therapist who begins to bend the rules of his practice as he processes a loss. Per the logline, the character’s sudden decision to be brutally honest with his patients will have major ramifications on their lives as well as his own. Meanwhile, the Air Force One cast member will play the character’s mentor, Dr. Phil Rhodes, a blunt, fair and highly successful shrink who finds himself dealing with a new normal after he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. 

This honestly sounds like a perfect role for Harrison Ford, who has a knack for playing seasoned, no-nonsense characters. I can practically hear the dry-witted one-liners now. Aside from the comedy though, there’s sure to be a tender and more heartbreaking aspect to the portrayal. And those who’ve followed Ford’s career surely know the actor is just as capable of making audiences tear up as he is with making them laugh or cheer.

Since his acting career began in the ‘60s, the Han Solo actor has only had guest roles on various TV shows. He’s appeared on notable programs like Ironside, The Mod Squad, and Gunsmoke. He also has a small-screen credit through The Star Wars Holiday Special, though the less said about that the better. On a more memorable note, the star also briefly appeared in an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in 1993.

Speaking of Dr. Jones, the beloved film series’ fifth installment wrapped back in February. The movie kicked off production around June 2021, though Harrison Ford injured himself shortly after work began. Ford, who’s no stranger to getting hurt on a set, returned to work around that October. I’d like to think that the star’s work on this new project won’t be quite as strenuous.

If Ted Lasso is anything to go by, Shrinking could be a hilariously sentimental show that serves as a strong showcase for its two leading men. It’s wonderful that Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein are gifting audiences with another television creation, and the fact that it serves as Harrison Ford’s first starring role is simply the icing on the cake.

Be sure to grab an Apple TV+ subscription ahead of the show’s premiere and keep in the know on other new or returning shows by checking out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule.

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