HBO Max’s Constantine Show Updates: Everything We Know


John Constantine will battle demons again in his upcoming HBO Max series – we go into everything we know about the upcoming Constantine show.

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HBO Max currently has an in-development Constantine series – and here’s everything we know about the upcoming show. When it comes to darker characters in the DC Universe, the gruff John Constantine is one of the best known for his acerbic personality and battles with demons and other supernatural beings. John’s master of sorcery and knowledge of everything ethereal has previously been seen in the 2005 Constantine movie, in which John was played by Keanu Reeves, with Matt Ryan also later playing the character on the 2014 Constantine series and subsequently in the Arrowverse and various animated projects.


A new series based on John Constantine’s adventures has been in-development under J.J. Abrams’s and Bad Robot’s production deal with Warner Bros. The deal also includes plans to build up to the Justice League Dark. With John being a member of the team, his show seems very likely to be a key piece of the puzzle in bringing the Justice League Dark plans to fruition.

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Following developments after the Warner Bros. merger with Discovery that could help compensate for past Warner Bros. mistakes, Constantine is reportedly still moving ahead despite the blindsiding cancellation of Batgirl,leaving many DC projects’ futures in question. Even still, questions remain about what viewers can expect from the series when it finally arrives. Here is everything we know about HBO Max’s Constantine show.

Is HBO Max’s Constantine Connected To Any Previous Versions?

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The HBO Max Constantine series will be a fresh start for the character with its own version of the titular demon-hunting anti-hero. This means that the Constantine series will not have any connections to the versions of John Constantine portrayed by Keanu Reeves or Matt Ryan. The Constantine HBO Max series will also very likely be similarly unconnected to Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine seen on Netflix’s The Sandman.

Constantine Cast: Who Will Play John Constantine?

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It is not yet officially confirmed who will be playing John Constantine or any other characters on the HBO Max show, but rumors have indicated that Sope Dirisu could be portraying the series’s protagonist, which would make him the first black actor to play John Constantine. Dirisu added to the speculation of his involvement by sharing a screenshot on Twitter of a fan expressing displeasure about Dirisu potentially playing Constantine – furthering the rumors that he would be stepping into the iconic role.

Constantine Story Details: What The Show’s About

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There is little solid information presently about the storyline the HBO Max Constantine series will tackle. However, John’s connection to the occult and the supernatural will certainly be essential elements of the series. Additionally, with HBO Max developing 12 other DC shows, Constantine could be used as the basis to introduce other characters like Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Madame Xanadu, or others to pave the way for Justice League Dark.

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Constantine Release Date Prediction

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Constantine is reportedly set to begin production early in 2023. There is also an added factor in its release date of Warner Bros. Discovery merging HBO Max and Discovery+ into one streaming service, which is aimed to be finished by the middle of 2023. The makers of Constantine will probably want that transition to have been completed before the show debuts on the streaming platform, with the same being the case for the rest of J.J. Abrams’s other DC projects debut on the streaming platform. With those factors together, viewers can probably expect to see the Constantine streaming series debut in either early or mid-2024.

Key Release Dates

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