Hilarious BOTW Fan Theory Claims Master Kohga “Faked Own Death”


A fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has just proposed a hilarious theory concerning the Yiga clan’s Master Kohga. The mysteries of the Zelda franchise have prompted many fan theories over the years. Recently, for example, there has been a wave of theories about Link’s arm in BOTW 2.

By far one of the most entertaining characters in BOTW is Master Kohga, the lazy and apparently bumbling leader of the Yiga clan, an offshoot of the Sheikah who follow Calamity Ganon. Encountered in the Yiga’s secret base in the Gerudo desert, Kohga battles Link for possession of the Gerudo tribe’s Thunder Helm. Whilst fighting, Kohga displays a mastery of Sheikah-like techniques, even replicating the Magnesis ability of the Sheikah Slate, whilst also throwing child-like tantrums. His personality is the ultimate extension of his followers, who are themselves both skilled combatants and ridiculously obsessed with bananas. Of course, they are also accomplished thieves, with players having previously caught Yiga stealing weapons like the One-Hit Obliterator.


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Now one fan has proposed that the ending of Link’s battle with Master Kohga may not be all that it seems. BOTW shows Kohga ultimately knocked back by his own failed attack and falling down an enormous pit, presumably to his death. However, Reddit user justlookingfordragon has proposed that this may have been a ruse. Instead, they theorize that Kohga faked his death in order to escape Link and perhaps even his responsibilities as a leader. Pointing to Kohga’s obvious martial skills and the sheer absurdity of his ultimate defeat at the hands of his own weapon as evidence, justlookingfordragon has made a compelling argument for the Yiga clan head to have perfectly timed his own downfall in order to sneakily run away.

Fan Theory Suggests Kohga Could Return in BOTW 2

The reasoning behind this theory is actually quite strong. Kohga demonstrates abilities including teleportation and a limited form of flight, as well as Magnesis used in conjunction with giant spiked metal balls; the same kind as the one which eventually knocks him into the pit. Commenters on Reddit have also pointed out that Link is unable to kill any other Yiga clan member in the games, as they instead teleport away when defeated. Combined, this all suggests that Koga may have manipulated his final attack to ‘go wrong,’ hidden beneath the opening of the pit, and then escaped while Link was distracted by the appearance of the Thunder Helm in a treasure chest. This in turn implies that Kohga could be one of the characters to return in BOTW 2, having survived to fight another day.

This hilarious Legend of Zelda theory completely fits Kohga’s personality, which only makes it more believable. It is all too easy to see the lazy Yiga flee rather than actually battle to the bitter end. Leaving his subordinates behind to take on Link and ‘avenge’ him, Kohga could quite easily spend time in hiding before emerging to take control of the Yiga Clan once more in BOTW 2. Considering the clan’s obvious devotion to him, they would most likely not even be angry at him for faking his death. Although it should be noted that this is only a theory, and could easily remain as such, it is still fun to imagine Kohga snacking on bananas while the Yiga clan faces down angry Cucco armies and other such attacks orchestrated by Breath of the Wild players in his absence.

Source: justlookingfordragon/Reddit

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