Hot to Trot: The Duttons of the ‘Yellowstone’ Universe


Welcome to the 2022 Hot List, our 31 reasons our screens are sizzling right now, including the new NCIS boss, the return of Bridgerton, and our current favorite action series: Reacher!

You can keep your Kardashians; we’re hitched to the Duttons. The wealthy Montana-dwelling cattle clan of Yellowstone rides tall through three of cocreator Taylor Sheridan’s Western generational sagas.

“I was always fascinated [after] Yellowstone with how do we make it bigger?” Sheridan says. Mission accomplished.


The series that started it all follows patriarch John Dutton III (Kevin Costner, above) and his talented if troubled brood as they manage threats from developers and a nearby Native American reservation. They’re used to winning.

Season 5, Coming 2023, Paramount Network

Seasons 1-4, Streaming Now, Peacock

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are Civil War vet James and wife Margaret Dutton — John’s great-great-grandparents — who trek the Oregon Trail.

Entire Series Streaming Now, Paramount+

Still to come, this exploration of how the Duttons handled the Depression and Prohibition. Imagine how bloody things will get if anyone tries to nab the family’s booze!

Series Premiere, Coming Soon, Paramount+

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