Hulk & Wolverine’s Secret Rematch Proves He Can’t Break Logan


Spoilers for X-Men: Legends #1 by Marvel Comics

In the secret second fight between Hulk and Wolverine, the Jade Giant tried to take down his opponent with sheer strength by trying to snap him like a twig. However, when the powerful hero tried to rip Logan apart, he quickly discovered that Wolverine was literally built differently, as the adamantium coating his bones meant that the Hulk couldn’t quickly dispose of him.

The Hulk and Wolverine’s first fight took place during Logan’s first appearance in the pages of Marvel Comics back in Hulk #181. However, in a new X-Men: Legends series that fills in gaps between key moments with Marvel’s greatest mutants, it’s revealed that a second fight occurred soon after their initial matchup. The second fight ended up being even more punishing than the original, as the Hulk tried to use his strength to break Wolverine’s claws – but soon found out that not even his extraordinary powers could destroy Logan’s metal bones.



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In X-Men: Legends #1 by Roy Thomas, Dave Watcher, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, Wolverine chases after the Hulk after their initial fight, angry that he left him for dead in the wilderness. Hulk tries his best to use his pure strength to break Logan but quickly finds out how strong adamantium is. First, Hulk tries to rip Wolverine’s metal claws apart, and while he hurts his opponent, he doesn’t make a dent in the adamantium. Then, in his second attempt, Hulk smashes his fist against Wolverine’s unsheathed claws and still doesn’t break them. Finally, after Logan tells him bones are coated with the metal, Hulk promises to strip it off his skin – but never successfully damages Wolverine’s adamantium bones.

Hulk vs Wolverine Marvel Comics - Secret Fight X-Men Legends

Hulk has broken adamantium objects, armors, and weapons in the past. But, there’s been debate and discrepancies about whether the items he’s destroyed are pure adamantium like Wolverine’s bones. Depending on who is writing the Hulk, he is capable of doing damage to adamantium objects. Still, Hulk has never broken a fully healthy Wolverine in Marvel’s more classic (and canonized) stories. X-Men: Legends sees the hero give it his all, but even the Jade Giant’s strength is no match for Logan’s claws.

Hulk’s inability to break Wolverine and his adamantium claws isn’t an indictment of the green monster’s strength but more shows how strong Wolverine’s metal-coated bones really are. If the Hulk can’t snap his claws, then it’s unlikely many other heroes or villains could do so, either. Ultimately, the secret fight with Wolverine shows that even for the Hulk, some feats of strength are impossible. X-Men: Legends #1 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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