John Wick Needs To Address His Greatest Vulnerability


After suffering the same injury at least three times throughout his time as an assassin, John Wick really needs to address his greatest vulnerability.

While John Wick has proven himself as one of the deadliest assassins the world has ever seen, and is capable of staying alive even in the most dire of circumstances, he still finds himself in need of frequent medical attention after sustaining a number of serious injuries. Throughout his film and comic book career, John Wick has survived car crashes, stabbings, and of course gunshot wounds. While his whole body has taken a fair amount of abuse, it seems as though John Wick keeps getting injured in one spot in particular over and over again, a vulnerability he really needs to address. 

In the prequel comic John Wick #3 by Greg Pak and Matt Gaudio, John is hunting a gang of assassins who were responsible for destroying his hometown when he was a kid, as well as killing a number of people he was close with. In this issue, John has the gang members cornered and is launching a full-scale attack against them. While he doesn’t kill every single member of the gang as was his intention, he did take out a number of them during this assault. However, once the shooting stopped, John realized he suffered an injury, one that is all too familiar with fans of the John Wick franchise. 


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In this John Wick issue, John gets shot in the lower abdomen after his firefight with the villainous gang of killers. This injury is reminiscent of the many other times John Wick was hit in that exact same spot throughout his film franchise. In the first John Wick film, John was stabbed in that same area on his body during the climactic fight scene at the end of the movie. In John Wick: Chapter 2, John is shot in the stomach while on the run from a horde of assassins in Rome. The fact that John Wick has been hurt in the same spot at least three separate times throughout his career as a hitman means he should really take some extra care to guard that particular vulnerability. 

While it may seem impractical to place armor or some other type of protective padding in that area of his body as it could limit his movement and agility, the John Wick franchise already showed fans that it is possible without affecting his performance. In John Wick: Chapter 2, John goes to a specialty tailor who makes armor-lined suits to protect assassins from knives and gunfire. The armor seemingly only covers the suit jacket and pants with the button-down shirt offering no protection whatsoever, but it is proven to be light enough to cover more of his body without negatively impacting his technique.

Given John’s consistent injury, he should definitely have a suit specially to protect him from getting injured in that same spot over and over again. While none of those past wounds have been fatal so far, John Wick is long overdue for a debilitating gut injury given how many times he gets shot or stabbed in the same exact place. In order to avoid that, John Wick needs to address his greatest vulnerability.

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