‘Loot’: Arthur Gets Honest With Colleagues in Finale First Look


Some truth bombs are being dropped in the season finale of Apple TV+‘s new comedy series Loot and we have an exclusive first look.

In the episode titled, “The Silver Moon Summit,” Arthur (Nat Faxon), Howard (Ron Funches), and Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) make an eclectic trio as they ride horses along a beachy shore. As teased in the sneak peek above, some reveals are being made as the men learn more about one another.

The conversation kicks off when Arthur makes a bold assumption, asking, “You guys have probably never even ridden a horse before, huh?” This theory is quickly shot down by Howard who accusingly asks, “Why would you assume that?”

Loot Season 1 Joel Kim Booster

(Credit: Apple TV+)

Arthur’s mumbling response which includes the phrase “no reason,’ then prompts Nicholas to chime in, unveiling a layer of his past that neither of his companions had known before. “You know I grew up on a farm, right?” Nicholas says.

“I’ve been riding horses for a while. My family’s horse was actually the only one who ever showed me any affection: Juanita,” he elaborates with a nostalgic tone to his voice. “We celebrated my eighth birthday together, the theme was Broadway or Bust.”

Eager to get things started after learning more about his friends, Arthur says, “Well, if that is true, then you just might be able to keep up with this cowboy right here.” As he tries motivating his pals to race him, Arthur takes a tumble off of his horse, but it might not be his sore shoulder that’s bearing the most weight. See how honest he’s getting in the full segment, above, and don’t miss Loot‘s finale on Apple TV+.

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