Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech Interview: Jurassic World Dominion


Over the last few decades, the archipelago of Malta has become home to some huge cinematic hits that made use of its breathtaking locales. Between Ridley Scott’s Gladiator at the turn of the century to this year’s blockbuster Jurassic World Dominion, Malta has doubled for everything from ancient Rome to a paradise for dinosaurs.

In celebration of Jurassic World Dominion‘s home release, which includes an extended edition that adds 14 minutes of footage, Screen Rant had the opportunity to visit Malta and experience its vistas in person. Not only is the climate ripe for an Allosaurus to thrive, but the buildings span centuries—making for a perfect backdrop against which to place creatures who lived on this Earth 65 million years ago.

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While visiting Malta, Screen Rant spoke to film commissioner Johann Grech about the process of collaborating with director Colin Trevorrow to bring Jurassic World‘s final chapter to life. He also shared his vision for the future of the country’s film industry, and why he seeks mutually beneficial partnerships with Hollywood projects to make that vision a reality.

jurassic world dominion in malta

You have such a great camaraderie with Colin Trevorrow. I’d love to know how you collaborated to make the filming in Malta possible on Jurassic World Dominion?

Johann Grech: Yes, it goes back to April 2019. In January 2019, we raise the cash rebate to 40% cashback. Today, it’s still among the top in Europe, our program. We got the attention of Universal Pictures, because we have very strong relationships with [them] and with other studios. America is among our top markets in terms of the film business.

In April 2019, went to Universal Pictures [to talk] about our program; talking about the possibility of Jurassic World shooting in Malta. Our discussion was twofold: it was our program, our skills, our film experience, and our locations—but also the possibility of Malta being in the script and appearing on the big screen.

It was thanks to Colin, who was looking for an island in the Mediterranean. He spotted Malta, and he said, “We want to go to Malta, and we want Malta to be in the script.” And we are so proud. I saw the movie twice already, and I enjoyed it both times. And if you asked me if I will see it a third time? I will see it a third time!

The pride it brings when you see your country—Malta is a small country in the Mediterranean, but a great nation. 20 minutes of film action, with dinosaurs running in our streets in Valletta. That’s why we are branding our marketing campaign as Jurassic Islands, because there are dinosaurs here.

You are obviously rightfully proud of your country’s history and culture. How do you ensure that it is properly represented when you work on international projects?

Johann Grech: As I said yesterday in my speech, we are proud of our history, but not chained to it. And that’s why we want to make the next 100 years of experience in filmmaking better than the first 100 years. Our vision is clear. [We’re] creating a world-class film industry Malta, and that’s why my government is investing heavily in the film infrastructure.

We are known for the diverse locations that we can offer. We can easily double up for southern France or the Middle East. But also, we’re known for the water tanks. We’re known for the skills of our crew; for the experience. And through all these years, we’ve hosted big names, including Ridley Scott. Lately, he came to shoot his third film [Napoleon] in Malta. First, it was in 1996, with White Squall. Then Ridley positioned us on the global map in 1999, with the film Gladiator. And now he shot Napoleon, where we doubled up for Paris and the Battle of Toulon.

As Ridley Scott positioned us on the global map, Colin Trevorrow with the film Jurassic World [Dominion] reinforced Malta. And that’s why we are so proud and thankful to Colin. That’s why we honored Colin in our first edition of the Malta Film Awards, awarding him with the Malta Film Commissioner’s Award, because he reinforced Malta with his creativity and talent. We keep on working to make sure that we keep attracting more business to Malta; keep creating jobs in a sustainable industry to reach our vision of creating a world-class film industry in Malta.

Jurassic World Dominion Synopsis

The future of mankind hangs in the balance as humans and dinosaurs coexist following the destruction of Isla Nublar.

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Jurassic World Dominion is now available on 4K, Blu-ray, and Digital with a special extended edition.

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