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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 15, Episode 6, “Saved by the Mariachis!”]

Married at First Sight Season 15 continues to follow the five couples in paradise as their honeymoons unfold in “Saved by the Mariachis!”

While some pairs are getting along swimmingly, some roadblocks pop up in others’ way. Getting to know each other in Puerto Vallarta is easy under the sun and on the sands of its beaches, but when it comes to group harmony, that’s a whole different story. Below, we’re breaking down all of the major moments from the latest episode, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Girl and Guy Outings

Married at First Sight Season 15 Morgan Lindy

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While the boys head out on a tequila tasting, the girls sip on tropical drinks oceanside for conversations about their marriages. Immediately upon sitting, Krysten tells the girls how impressed she is with all of their marriages. Alexis admits that she’s struggling with Justin’s sensitive side because she’s scared she’ll hurt him. Morgan reveals that the chemistry between her and Binh is building, and Lindy reveals to the girls that she and Miguel have consummated their relationship. Stacia and Nate haven’t gone quite that far as she says they have sexy times together, but no sex yet.

Krysten then takes the opportunity to get candid about Mitch sending her mixed signals, revealing that he was hesitant about his attraction to her, but her reaction to his honesty motivated him to make a move when they were in their suite. This scenario didn’t work for her and she denied his advances, saying she was the one in control now. The women are shocked by the revelation about Mitch but agree to try and keep an open mind. During the guys’ meetup, Nate brings up intimacy and Justin confirms he’s still celibate and that Alexis is respecting that and his sensitive side. Binh tells the guys he’s getting closer to Morgan, Miguel confesses his consummation, and Nate maintains that he and Stacia have still not had sex despite Miguel’s doubts.

Thinking About the Future

Married at First Sight Season 15 Justin Alexis

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The couples take time talking about their futures while taking individual dates and first up are Morgan and Binh. As they envision their lives at home, they discuss what their usual weekends look like and she says those days are for relaxing after her busy work week. Binh mentions how he’d like to set up a scheduled time to talk each week and while Morgan likes the idea, she’s worried his enthusiasm now might disappear and she’ll get burned.

Stacia and Nate have a big talk over a special picnic set up by her. When she brings up that many of her former boyfriends found her to be intimidating, she likes that Nate doesn’t see her that way. She then asks how he feels about therapy and whether or not he’d attend with her so they can stay on top of things. Although Nate appears to be a little reluctant he agrees to attend sessions with her if that’s what she wants.

Alexis and Justin discuss budgeting and finances following a catamaran ride, and he agrees that he’ll take on a lot of the household duties because she’ll be out working whereas he’s remote. During their chat, they have a close call with the boat they took as the wind in the sail pushes it up in their direction, thankfully Justin has quick reflexes and saves his new bride from potential harm.

First Fights

Married at First Sight Season 15 Binh

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After a boogie boarding session, Morgan and Binh sit to discuss concerns, he begins by saying it worries him that she has no relationship with her father when he’s very close with his family. Meanwhile, Morgan tells Binh that she might have student loans and schooling funds to pay, but that won’t affect him. She asks if he thinks they’re a bad match and she gets upset because he’s been treating her differently after finding out that she has some outstanding classes that need to be finished before she receives her current nursing certification. Morgan gets upset because Binh told Justin she lied about being a nurse when she didn’t and now the trust is broken between them now because of it.

Second Opinions

Married at First Sight Season 15 Krysten Alexis

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Krysten and Alexis meet for drinks, and they discuss the issues in their marriages so far, beginning with Krysten’s intimacy issue with Mitch. She says that things are improving between them, but she isn’t sure when she can stop stepping on eggshells around him. Alexis tells her she just needs to give it some time. While Justin and Binh talk about his fight with Morgan, she mentions to Stacia and Lindy how upset she is that Binh didn’t wait to talk with her about the nursing matter. While Justin wants Binh to have a great marriage, Lindy tries telling Morgan to manage her expectations. This leads Stacia to check in on Lindy asking if she consummated things with Miguel of her own accord. Lindy says she’s really happy and doesn’t regret anything, but she also brings up worries about Nate, saying Miguel feels like he’s too into social media. Stacia acknowledges this and seems to agree with this assessment of her husband, but it’s unclear if she’ll do anything about it.

Getting on the Same Page

Married at First Sight Season 15 Miguel Lindy

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While Krysten and Mitch work on improving their bond, she watches him surf from the shore and Lindy and Miguel work on their relationship by taking a kayaking route. Talking about being honest and forthcoming, Lindy admits to Miguel that she’s worried about checking certain boxes for him so they can figure out if the love he’s looking for is there. She is hopeful it will be, but Miguel’s uncertainty is certainly a bit of a red flag.

A Charged Dinner

Married at First Sight Season 15 Stacia Nate

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The couples gather for a group dinner on the last night and talk about their trips so far and hope for when they arrive back in San Diego. Nate reveals that Stacia has invited him to live at her home once they go through the first eight weeks, already looking ahead to life post-MAFS. Krysten is looking forward to the daily routine of spending time with Mitch and sharing meals together in their new shared living space. Things get tense when Morgan mentions how she’d like good communication and hopes that Binh can take care of himself on weeknights as she’s too exhausted to do things for him when she comes home on weekdays.

Justin gets fired up over this as he sees Binh react negatively albeit silently. Alexis judges Morgan’s comments alongside her husband but remains more private with her emotions than Justin is. As Justin and Alexis’ opinions become clearer to the group, Miguel asks what Alexis plans to do to take care of Justin. Alexis argues that she’ll make sure Justin is taken care of and that’s when she lets the “I love you” slip out.

Everyone at the table reacts, but no one is more enthusiastic than Justin himself. Things turn a little less lovey when Stacia questions Miguel’s commitment to Lindy, putting him on the spot. Just as he’s about to respond a mariachi band walks in and he’s metaphorically saved by the band.

Later that evening the couples wind down and get ready for bed. Stacia admits to Nate that she’s nervous and they talk about intentions. She reveals that her feelings are growing and that scares her but he tries to comfort her before turning in for the evening. Lindy and Miguel shake off the bad energy they experienced at dinner and he admits he wishes this version of himself met her at the altar that day.

Mitch and Krysten discuss steps in a positive direction as their physical relationship grows. Alexis comforts Justin who gets emotional after trying to defend Binh, but she argues that he doesn’t need to speak for other people who are choosing to keep quiet, even if he sympathizes with them. Morgan and Binh are unfazed as they look forward to getting back home. Miguel is excited about moving in with Lindy, but she gets in her head about potential scenarios that could lead to fights and he has to pull her back from the edge. Meanwhile, Krysten hints that things took a positive turn between her and Mitch putting them in a good mood.

What will be next? Stay tuned for what’s to come as Married at First Sight Season 15 continues on Lifetime.

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