More Than A Decade Later, Joe Jonas Changed His Song


When it comes to events that can send social media into an immediate frenzy, the playing field is admittedly pretty vast these days. But while trends come and go, one everlasting guarantee is that the Internet will absolutely explode when a celebrity either A.) instigates a feud with Taylor Swift, B.) dismantles a feud with Taylor Swift, or C.) has anything else to do with her. Joe Jonas knows better than most (except for Jake Gyllenhaal) how that cycle can go, as he’s been a love/hate target for Swifties ever since the two pop megastars’ three-month-long relationship back in 2008. Now, it appears as if Jonas completely buried the metaphorical hatchet during a concert performance, which involved changing up the lyrics to a popular Jonas Brothers song that originally threw shade at Swift. (At least as far as speculation goes.) 

As those who are well-versed in Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift’s history are likely aware, the Jonas Brothers’ track “Much Better” features lyrics that allegedly took aim at Swift, as it arrived in the aftermath of her infamous Ellen Show interview, the ensuing Swiftie backlash, and her Fearless track “Forever & Always,” which was about their short-lived relationship. But during what appears to be Jonas’ latest “Much Better” live performance, fans went bonkers upon hearing him change the wording to now be more in favor of his Grammy-winning ex. Check out the changes below:

  • Original Version: I get a rep for breakin’ hearts / Now I’m done with superstars / And all the tears on her guitar
  • 2022 Version: I got a rep for breakin’ hearts / Now I’m cool with superstars / And all the tears on her guitar

There obviously weren’t any head-spinning changes involved there, but Joe Jonas’ one-word alteration still meant the world to leagues of pop music fans out there. (I mean, not the ones who live for talking shit and bashing people arbitrarily, but those people can never be sated.) Check out a Twitter clip from the performance below, knowing that it’s the musical equivalent to a peace treaty. 

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It’s not as if he surprisingly invited her up on stage or anything, but still, Jonas flipping the lyrics up in such a non-publicised way is at least a sign that they could potentially share a stage together in the future. It’s another step in the right direction, if nothing else, and further indicates that both musicians have grown out of their more angst-ridden perspectives.

Because let’s not forget that Jonas changed that same line in the past to (allegedly) reference Taylor Swift. Back in 2009, the same year that the Jonas Brothers’ album Lines, Vines and Trying Times released, he performed “Much Better” by singing that he was “done with country stars.” So it’s clearly the most noteworthy hub through which to introduce low-key updates on his current standing with Swift. 

To be sure, Joe Jonas definitely isn’t trying to mend fences for any romanticized reasons, as he’s currently living it up in a happy marriage with Game of Thrones vet Sophie Turner, who has most recently been part of the cast of HBO’s The Staircase. Turner, currently pregnant with their second child, is a big fan of Taylor Swift’s music, and it definitely hasn’t been lost on Swifties that she digs songs that were inspired by her husband, albeit years before they ever got together. 

Not to mention that Taylor Swift has been romantically involved with actor Joe Alwyn since 2016. (I’m unsure at the moment how Alwyn feels about Jonas Brothers music, though.) So even if this is nothing more than former friends being friendly again, that’s all it needs to be.

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