Netflix’s Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer Teases Terry Silver’s New


The wait has been difficult, but Season 5 of Cobra Kai is just around the corner! The fourth season was pretty explosive, to say the least, and left viewers with a myriad of questions. While there’s still plenty that fans don’t know, the newly released trailer for the fifth season sheds a bit of light on the state of things. Quite frankly, there are a number of exciting moments to marvel at in this new footage. We now have a look at Terry Silver’s new karate regime at the titular dojo, Chozen’s role in helping Miyagi-Do Karate and so much more. 

The trailer, which runs well over two minutes, certainly brings the level of intensity that one has come to expect from the sports dramedy. At the end of Cobra Kai Season 4, Terry Silver stood victorious, as his dojo defeated Miyago-Do at the All-Valley Karate Tournament. Of course, viewers later learned that he rigged the competition by bribing a referee. Nevertheless, Thomas Ian Griffith’s smiling Silver (who has changed in some ways), is now looking to expand his business empire by opening dojos all over the valley. 

And as the trailer shows, Silver is indeed building a chain and doing it without fellow sensei John Kreese, who he framed for assault last season. He’s brought in fresh blood as a result, and the trailer puts heavy emphasis on new character Kim Da-Eun. Played by Alicia Hannah-Kim, Da-Eun is a Korean sensei who helps to expand Terry’s brand and, based on this footage, she has some serious moves and her own team of instructors. I think it goes without saying that she spells trouble for Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

Miyagi-Do has a new member of its own, though. Following his awesome return in Season 3, Chozen came back into the fray at the tail end of the fourth season. And he seems bent on helping Daniel take down Terry Silver. The former Karate Kid Part II villain referred to himself as “gasoline” in a previous Season 5 teaser and, now, it certainly looks like he’s going to bring the heat. What’s most exciting here is that it looks like he and Johnny are going to be spending a significant amount of time together – and will even team up in a fight. I’m curious as to what the initial interactions between LaRusso’s two former foes will look like. 

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One of the other notable elements in the Cobra Kai Season 5 trailer is the growing tension between Miguel Diaz and Johnny’s son, Robby Keene. After feeling like he was being pushed away by his sensei and surrogate father last season, Miguel left to go find his biological papa. Whether or not he does remains to be seen, but it’s clear that this season, he and Robby are going to have at least one tense fight. The footage also teases more tension between Anthony LaRusso and Kenny Payne as well as Tori Nichol’s further training. And of course, how can I not mention John Kreese duking it out with fellow inmates in the pen?

Not to sound ungrateful, but one person we didn’t see is Sean Kaman’s Mike Barnes, another major Karate Kid character returning in Season 5. It’s likely that the showrunners want to keep his role as close to the vest as possible. It’s understandable and actually makes me even more eager to learn what’s become of Daniel’s other former rival. But that aside, this trailer definitely gives fans a lot to chew on and, if we go on this alone, this could be the acclaimed show’s best season to date.

Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres on September 9th as part of the 2022 TV schedule, so be sure you have a Netflix subscription by then so that you can check it out.

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