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The release of Uncharted marked a big step for Sony and PlayStation after they turned to the big screen to tell their exclusive stories in a unique new capacity. With the PlayStation Productions studio name featured at the top of the film, it’s clear that this isn’t a one-off experience and that more projects are in the works.

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Fans of the console will likely be thrilled to know that some of their other favorite games could be making an appearance in both live-action and animation formats. Whether it’s in the form of another cinematic release or on television screens, these are some interesting projects for audiences to watch out for.


Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima red fields

Ghost Of Tsushima is one of the most gorgeous projects that has been created for the PlayStation thus far. It’s vibrant and cinematic, with really rich and detailed storytelling throughout. It’s no surprise that Sony is working on a movie adaptation of the Sucker Punch Productions game.

It’s been reported that Chad Stahelski is actually in line to direct the piece, in a move that suggests the company wants to focus on the action potential of the franchise. Inspiration would likely be taken from both the original installment and the acclaimed Director’s Cut, which only helped to enhance this breathtaking narrative.

The Last Of Us

Joel and Ellie satre at a crash site in a field in The Last Of Us.

Of all the PlayStation Productions concepts currently in development, The Last Of Us TV show is probably the most well-known and anticipated. In terms of casting major stars have already been confirmed including the likes of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie respectively; it seems that Sony is going all out to produce a faithful adaptation of this beloved series.

The show would appear to be following the events of the initial game, although if it is to perform well then Part II will surely be brought into the equation. Not much has been seen from the Naughty Dog-inspired series quite yet, including how the terrifying Infected will look on screen!

Jak And Daxter

Jak and Daxter

Naughty Dog, Ready at Dawn, High Impact Games, and Mass Media Games created the cult hit Jak And Daxter which has become a favorite amongst those who enjoyed the earlier generations of the PlayStation console. While it may not be as huge in terms of its reach today as it once was, the elf and weasel team-up has still led to a formidable franchise in Sony’s archives.

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Of all the games that PlayStation Productions could have confirmed for a movie spin-off, this was perhaps the most unexpected. Yet it was announced that the same director as Uncharted, Ruben Fleischer, is working on an adaptation of the fantastical sci-fi and steampunk story!

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal New Game TV Series Report

Twisted Metal is very much amongst PlayStation’s greatest hits, although hasn’t made much of an impact in recent years. Regardless, Sony Entertainment is barrelling ahead with a series based upon this demolition derby-style title, featuring the destruction fans would expect from the series.

Car-based video game adaptations have certainly been mixed in the past, but it appears that the SingleTrac, Incognito Entertainment, and eventually Eat Sleep Play title are going all out to secure viewers. Heading to Peacock, the series will star Anthony Mackie in the lead and boasts a team of writers and producers from projects like Deadpool and Cobra Kai

Ratchet And Clank

Ratchet and Clank in Rift Apart

Fans of the video game series may already be aware that a previous production of Ratchet And Clank has already been released and it received less than favorable reviews. The animated movie based on the Insomniac title didn’t particularly reflect the whimsicality of its source material.

With the acclaim of the latest releases from the video game franchise, the idea of a big-screen adaptation isn’t dead in the water. Interestingly the team at Insomniac has previously called the film success as it was still popular amongst the core fan base. That positive outlook may suggest that a sequel or reboot could be making its way to the PlayStation Productions release schedule.


Horizon Forbidden West Ties Into Zero Dawn

Horizon Forbidden West has certainly captured the attention of the gaming community, leading on from the critically well-received Horizon Zero Dawn which developer Guerrilla Games earned a lot of respect for. It seems like a no-brainer to bring this complex futuristic world to the screen.

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Early rumors indicated that PlayStation Productions was indeed working on an adaptation of the project for the screen, although this has remained unconfirmed. With the commercial success of the latest release, fans should watch out for Sony making an announcement relatively soon. In a recent interview though the team clarified that PlayStation is looking at all their IP and that a TV show may be the way to go.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding Directors Cut PC Leak

Death Stranding adaptation is a little more complex than most of the other exclusive games that Sony boasts. Kojima Productions is the development team behind the original and director’s cut editions of the game and are critical to the creation of a TV show.

The video game studio recently opened up a movie and TV division, of which Death Stranding will likely be a major component. If they are to move ahead with an adaptation, then PlayStation Productions would be involved considering Sony’s role as a distributor. Fans may genuinely be seeing this intense adventure in live-action soon.

God Of War

Changing Kratos' character in the soft reboot of God of War helped save the series from becoming irrelevant

God Of War has quickly become a defining title for the PS4 and its sequel will probably do the same for the PS5. The choice from Santa Monica Studio, Ready at Dawn, Jetpack Interactive, Daybreak Game Company, and Javaground to combine Norse mythology with Greek lore was fascinating.

Critical respect and commercial gains are great motivators for a movie adaptation, which was heavily rumored a few years back. Sony has since tried to claim that nothing is in development, but with PlayStation Productions now in full swing, it seems almost absurd that they wouldn’t be looking at one of their most beloved franchises for an adaptation. It could just be a misdirect until more concrete plans are in place.

Uncharted 2

Nathan scolding Sully on the ship in Uncharted

Uncharted is one of the earliest releases into the PlayStation Productions filmography and the money it made suggests there will be plans for a sequel; not to mention the way the feature concluded opened up the idea that more could be incoming.

No sequel has been officially announced from Sony, but it seems like a guarantee at this stage as the studio looks to try to build some recognizable ongoing franchise that audiences are connecting to. Director Ruben Fleischer has already said that he has some plans for a follow-up if it was to be greenlit.

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