Sandra Bullock Fought Studio Hard to Get The Lost City


In a new interview, Sandra Bullock addresses the development of The Lost City and reveals how hard she fought the studio to get the film made.

Sandra Bullock has revealed that she had to yell at the studio behind The Lost City in order to get the project made. The film is a rom-com starring Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt. The film is scheduled to debut in theaters on March 25.

As of today, the film has officially debuted in theaters for audiences.

The Lost City has had a long road of development to get to theaters. Sandra Bullock was involved with the film from the earliest days of its existence, with Channing Tatum joining the project in late 2020. At that point, the film still went by its original title, The Lost City of D, which was eventually shortened to The Lost City. From there, Daniel Radcliffe was cast as the film’s villain, and Brad Pitt was announced to round out the movie’s main cast. These days, a film like The Lost City (which isn’t based on a pre-existing IP) is increasingly difficult to get off the ground. However, Bullock did whatever she could to ensure it was made.


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With The Lost City now in theaters, the cast has opened up about the movie’s long journey to the big screen. In fact, in a recent interview with The New York Times, Bullock and Tatum revealed that she actually had to yell at the studio to get the film made when the executives couldn’t justify the cost of such an unprecedented romantic comedy. In the interview, they both said:

BULLOCK Comedy is really hard to come by, and having someone write a three-hander for a comedy? Impossible. Then add action and adventure and scope and depth, and we had three different tones going on that we had to merge, and if we didn’t merge, it wasn’t going to work. The studio kept saying, “There’s no comp for this.” And we were like …

TATUM … that’s the point. It’s such a bean-counter, studio exec note: “What’s the comp for that?”

BULLOCK I mean, it makes sense: What if they’re investing and it’s a huge bomb? I get it from a financial aspect, but I also know when to start getting on the phone and yelling and screaming, and I had to do it twice.

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

Theatrically released romantic comedies have become increasingly rare in recent years, despite at one time being a staple of Hollywood. That makes the genre a risky proposition for studios these days, and The Lost City likely felt like an even riskier project due to the sheer scale involved in the film’s action and set pieces. Add to that the fact that members of the cast earned old school, big-time Hollywood paychecks for appearing in the film, and Paramount may have felt that the cost of The Lost City was going to be too high, with few comparable titles to show as examples of success. That said, Bullock was able to get on the phone with the studio and make them see why the film was worth investing in at the time.

Putting all of this into perspective, it makes sense to know that The Lost City will be the last Sandra Bullock movie for some time. Bullock revealed she’s taking a break from acting in order to focus on raising her children. Given the sheer amount of effort that went into getting The Lost City off of the ground, one could reasonably imagine that she needs to recharge before diving into anything remotely similar.

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Source: The New York Times

  • The Lost City (2022)Release date: Mar 25, 2022

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