Scream: Every Main Character In The Franchise, Ranked By Funniness


When compared to other popular horror movie franchises, Scream stands out for its campy and funny tone. Each of the five movies has many hilarious scenes, intelligent and clever quotes, and smart characters who can’t help but crack jokes while fighting off Ghostface. Scream (2022) adds a lot to this franchise by creating new characters who fans become invested in immediately.

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From some of the most famous Ghostface killers to original characters like Sidney, Gale, Dewey, there are many main characters in the beloved Scream franchise who bring a lot of comic relief to an otherwise terrifying ongoing story.

17 Billy Loomis

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott and Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis in Scream

Sidney’s boyfriend and one of the first Ghostface killers Billy is definitely an unlikable Scream character. He’s also not very funny at all.

While Billy thinks that stalking Sidney, the high school principal, Casey, and several others is a lot of fun, audiences don’t find him to be very intelligent, and it’s clear that he doesn’t have a sense of humor.

16 Wes Hicks

Wes looks behind him in Scream.

Judy’s son and Tara’s friend Wes is one of the sweetest new characters in the horror franchise, but he’s not a very funny person.

Of course, it’s true that Wes doesn’t have a lot to laugh about. He only appears in Scream (2022) briefly and when he does, he’s setting the table and anticipating that his mom will come home with take-out only to be killed.


15 Sam Carpenter

Scream fans like learning about siblings Sam and Tara, and while Sam is smart, savvy, and tries to be one step ahead of Ghostface, Sam doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.

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It’s possible that if fans saw Sam in another context, she would crack jokes and goof around, but since she’s trying to stop Ghostface from attacking her sister again, Sam doesn’t have a lot of time for jokes.

14 Richie Kirsch

scream 5 richi kirsch jack quaid

Whether pretending to be Sam’s sweet boyfriend or talking about the Stab movies that he’s been catching up on, Richie provides some comedic relief before audiences learn that he’s one of the new Ghostface killers.

It’s especially funny watching Richie talk about the movies that he’s watching and his scenes are a nice reminder of the franchise-within-a-franchise.

13 Chad Meeks-Martin

Mason Gooding Chad Meeks Martin Scream 5

Chad has a direct link to a previous character as he and his sister Mindy are related to Randy, but Chad doesn’t seem that big on horror movies.

Chad has a funny scene when he tells his girlfriend Liv that she might be the killer and that he isn’t sure that he should trust her. When this doesn’t go over well, audiences can’t help but laugh as this is an incredibly awkward moment.

12 Jill Roberts

While Jill isn’t a very funny character by herself, the fact that she pretends to be a regular teenager who is running from Ghostface while being one of the killers herself does provide some comical moments.

Jill’s wish to be famous and go viral for killing people is an interesting motive, and every time she speaks, Jill sounds like a typical young adult character. Her quick comebacks and sarcasm can definitely be funny.

11 Deputy Judy Hicks

Judy Hicks Scream 4

Judy is one of the better new characters in the franchise, and after appearing in Scream 4, she shows up again in Scream (2022) and has a sad death scene.

Judy has a friendly, optimistic personality and seems funnier than some newer characters because she is so sweet, innocent, and naive.

10 Tara Carpenter

Tara is one of the bravest characters in Scream 5, and her discussion with the killer in the opening scene about enjoying “elevated horror” movies with a message and meaning behind them is charming. In this short scene, fans learn a lot about her.

Tara manages to stay strong and in good spirts despite Ghostface going after her, and Tara is also a fairly funny character, as she says many smart comebacks that fans are used to hearing from Gale and Sidney.

9 Amber Freeman

Amber follows in the tradition of campy, funny Ghostface killers when she explains that she wants to be famous and then is literally lit on fire at the end of Scream (2022).

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This end scene is so silly and memorable that it fits into the tone of the horror franchise. Fans can tell that Amber had no idea that anyone would be able to stop her.

8 Dewey Riley

Many fans would agree that Dewey is a charming and adorable character who brings a lot to each movie.

Dewey’s scenes are always entertaining, whether he’s clearly still in love with Gale or helping Sidney out. When Dewey speaks, he’s often so innocent and naive that he seems funny.

7 Tatum Riley

Tatum is another hilarious character in Scream. But unlike her older brother who is never trying to be funny and who can take the situation seriously, Tatum does her best to make Sidney laugh and have more fun.

When compared to the other main characters, Tatum is someone who embraces a party and a good time and who likes making sarcastic comments.

6 Sidney Prescott

scream 5 sidney prescott family

Whether watching Sidney’s Scream action scenes or seeing how much she loves Gale and Dewey, there’s no denying that Sidney is an incredibly strong person who has experienced so much pain.

Even though it would make sense if Sidney had no sense of humor left, she continues to make jokes and smart comments. Sidney shows her sense of humor the most when she always beats Ghostface and tells the killer off.

5 Mindy Meeks-Martin

Mindy looking alarmed in Scream.

As soon as Scream fans learn that Chad and Mindy’s uncle was Randy, it’s clear that at least one of them will have an extensive horror movie knowledge.

As someone who knows a ton about the genre and who shares Randy’s appreciation and passion for tropes and classic films, Mindy makes audiences smile. Mindy’s most hilarious Scream (2022) scene is when she sits on the couch during a party and yells at a horror movie, much like Randy does in the original.

4 Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks in Scream

As a huge fan of horror movies who knows anything that anyone could ever ask him, Randy is a hilarious character who is funny even when he isn’t trying to be. He definitely lightens up the tone.

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Whenever he’s explaining the rules of the genre, Randy is a unique, bright character who makes fans smile and who definitely leaves the horror franchise too soon.

3 Kirby Reed

Fans love watching Kirby in Scream 4 and she’s not only a perfect character in the horror franchise, as she has clever quips and comebacks in every single scene, but she’s a great teen movie character as well.

Kirby has a particularly great scene when she’s asked what her favorite horror movie is and she answers Bambi. While she does have a smart sense of humor, Kirby also knows when to take something seriously.

2 Gale Weathers

Scream 4 Gale Weathers

Gale is one of Scream’s smartest characters, thanks to her journalism career, and she’s also someone with a great sense of humor.

Gale never misses a beat and has a quick, clever wit that makes her quotes some of the funniest in the franchise. Gale also has perfect comedic timing: when Sidney says that she tracked Sam’s car in Scream (2022) and that it’s a trick Gale would use, Gale says, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

1 Stu Macher

Matthew Lillard as Stu in Scream

There aren’t many horror movies where the killer is actually a hilarious character who has a goofy personality and constantly makes jokes, but that’s exactly what fans love Scream so much.

When Stu works with Billy in the first movie as Ghostface, Stu makes fans laugh, especially when he says that his parents will be upset with him for being part of this killing spree.

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