Signora Volpe: Emilia Fox Acorn TV Drama Unveils Thrilling Trailer


Signora Volpe is poised to be another breakout hit for Acorn TV.

The streaming service today revealed the official trailer and premiere date for the three-part detective drama series starring Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, Delicious, The Pianist).

The series was filmed on location in the stunning Lazio and Umbria regions in Italy, and will make its debut Monday, May 2, on Acorn TV, AMC Networks’ acclaimed streamer devoted to British and international television.

Taking Aim on Signora Volpe

Episodes will continue to debut on Mondays through May 16.

“To the casual observer, there’s nothing remarkable about Sylvia Fox (Fox) – an intelligent, confident woman in her forties, she tends to keep quiet about her formidable linguistic abilities, impressive knowledge of weaponry, and skills as a markswoman,” reads the official description of the series.

“Questions about her professional life are met with bland answers about an unspectacular career in the Civil Service.”

Emilia Fox on Acorn TV

“Which is only very slightly true – because until recently, Sylvia was a high-ranking British spy. When Sylvia arrives in Italy for the wedding of her niece Alice, she’s disillusioned with her job at MI6 headquarters in London, and in need of a break.”

“But then the bridegroom disappears, leaving a dead body in the lake at the bottom of his garden, and Sylvia takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and save Alice from disaster.”

“Despite the unpromising start to her holiday, Sylvia is enchanted by Umbria, the green heart of Italy, and is surprised and pleased to find herself reconnecting with her estranged sister Isabel Vitale (Tara Fitzgerald – Game of Thrones, Belgravia), who lives in the handsome hillside town of Panicale,” the description continues.

Solving Crimes on Signora Volpe

“When she stumbles upon a beautiful, derelict old house, Sylvia decides to buy it, quit her job and start afresh. But Sylvia was never cut out for a quiet life and finds herself involved in a bevy of fresh mysteries – from the disappearance of a young woman a quarter of a century ago, to the theft of a truffle pig, and a blackmail plot against the son of a Russian politician.”

“At first, Carabinieri Captain Giovanni Riva (Giovanni Cirfiera – American Crime Story; The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Queen of the South) resents Sylvia’s interference, but he soon begins to seek her help.”

Sounds compelling, right?

Emilia Fox and Jamie Bamber

Rachel Cuperman (Midsomer Murders) and Sally Griffiths (Midsomer Murders) serve as creators, writers, and executive producers.

Josie Law (The Disappearance of Alice Creed and Albatross), Marc Samuelson (Tom & Viv), Dudi Appleton (The Most Fertile Man), and Emilia Fox also serve as executive producers, with Mark Brozel (Troy: Fall Of A City) and Appleton as directors, and Patricia Rybarczyk (Tango One) as producer.

The official trailer for the series is a lot of fun, showcasing the high-octane action scenes and some mystery for good measure.

Check it out below, and don’t forget to hit the comments with your thoughts.

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