Summer House Stars Kyle & Amanda’s Best Instagram Couple Pics


Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula have come a long way since season 1. Their Instagram pics prove that they are living their best lives.

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Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are one of the most photogenic couples on the show, and their Instagram pictures prove it. Kyle introduced Amanda to Summer House in season 1 as his romantic interest. After dating casually for most of the summer, they became an official couple during the season 1 finale.

Kyle and Amanda’s relationship had its ups and downs for many years. While Kyle was a hard worker during the week, he loved to party hard on the weekends. Amanda grew increasingly frustrated when he would stay out late and not answer her phone calls. Kyle proved he was committed to Amanda and proposed to her at the end of Summer House season 4. He took her on a romantic boat ride around The Hamptons and surprised her with a 2.5-carat diamond ring.


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The newly engaged couple faced some setbacks planning their wedding due to COVID-19. After trying to find the perfect venue, Kyle and Amanda decided to get married in her parent’s backyard in New Jersey. During Summer House season 6, fans watched as they finally made it to the altar. Despite some naysayers, Kyle and Amanda seem to be living their best life, according to their Instagram pages.

The Big Wedding Day

Before the Summer House wedding episode aired on Bravo, Amanda teased fans with two pictures of her and Kyle on their big day. The first shot showed a close-up of the couple with their foreheads touching and eyes closed. The second picture showed Amanda in her white wedding gown kissing Kyle. Amanda captioned the photo with, “It’s all happening tonight at 9 on @bravotv.”


The Summer House duo is not only married, but they run a successful business together. In 2018, Kyle founded his hard tea line, Loverboy. As his business grew, he realized he needed more help. He convinced Amanda to leave her job as a graphic designer and run his design and creative team at Loverboy. Around Christmas, Kyle shared a snap of two new holiday flavors, which he enjoyed with Amanda.

Romantic Trip To Italy

In June, Kyle shared a series of pictures of him and Amanda vacationing in Praiano, Italy. The Summer House stars sipped drinks on the sunny coast with dazzling mountains and ocean views as their backdrop. Fans were happy to see the hardworking couple taking time off to enjoy the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Birthday Shout Out To Amanda

On July 25, Kyle shared a picture of him and Amanda at Pindar Vineyards on Long Island, New York. On a big wooden chair, Kyle and Amanda stood with their two dogs by their sides. Kyle captioned the photo with, “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. Last year I gave you a dog leash from CVS. This years we woke up to cuddles in bed with these two cuties.”He went on to say that hopefully, babies will be in their future. Summer House fans would love to see Kyle and Amanda take the next big step in their marriage, but cute Instagram pictures will do for now.

Sources: Amanda Batula/Instagram, Kyle Cooke/Instagram

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