The ‘Life & Beth’ Stars on Laughing Through Pain in


“I love my cool life,” successful New York City wine distributor Beth (soon-to-be Oscar host Amy Schumer) says—unconvincingly—in Hulu’s delightful Life & Beth, a comedy with the occasional wave of drama. Yes, she may be crushing it at her job, where she works alongside fiancé Matt (Kevin Kane), but the truth is she doesn’t like the gig anymore and Matt is a self-centered jerk. Real happiness eludes Beth until an unexpected personal tragedy upends everything.

As Beth tries to make sense of it all, she revisits her past (seen in flashback) and comes to terms with the present—with a healthy dose of humor. “Life is major trauma and pain,” Schumer told TV Insider. “Being able to laugh about it and grow from it is all we can do.”

Schumer, the series’ creator, writer, and director, continues on the subject of reflection: “That is what I want. By making [the story] really personal and specific, I was hoping people would connect to it and think about their own teen years.” And, yes, the comedienne promises that Beth does get some wins amidst a few hard knocks, both as a teen and in her adult life.

The series also stars Michael Cera as John, a down-to-earth farmer who could end up helping Beth get to a happily ever after…that is, if life doesn’t put more obstacles in her way. “I think he’s different from anyone Beth has ever met before,” Schumer says of the characters and their attraction. John can be honest to a fault, notes Cera, who explains: “There’s no malice intended, which leaves it up to you to decide how it makes you feel.”

Watch the full interview with Schumer and Cera above.

Life & Beth, Series premiere, Friday, March 18, Hulu

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