Was That Really Dutch In The Cobra Kai Season 5


A mystery character in the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer is believed by some to be Dutch from the original Karate Kid movie, but is that really him?

Cobra kai season 5 dutch karate kid

A character speculated to be Dutch from the original Karate Kid movie was spotted in the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer. Played by Chad McQueen, Dutch was easily the most vicious member of Johnny’s gang of Cobra Kai students in the 1984 classic. Of the five characters, he’s the only one that Cobra Kai hasn’t used yet.

Dutch was noticeably missing in the season 2 episode that reunited William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence with Bobby, Tommy, and Jimmy. However, Cobra Kai did at least address Dutch’s absence. Apparently, the character is currently locked up in a federal prison. It would seem that unlike the others, Dutch never reformed and continued on the reckless path Kreese sent him in high school. Afterward, there were theories that Cobra Kai would bring him onto the show via Kreese’s season 5 story. After all, the season 4 finale positioned Martin Kove’s character to go to jail, which could potentially open the door for a face-to-face meeting between John Kreese and his former pupil.


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A mystery character in the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer has reignited speculation surrounding the possibility of Dutch returning to the franchise. At the 1:51 mark, Johnny and Chozen enter a dojo where they meet a man dressed in a red and black gi. He can be heard saying, “adult classes are on Wednesday”. When Johnny seemingly starts a fight with him, viewers can catch a glimpse of bleach-blond hair reminiscent of Dutch’s look in The Karate Kid. While the decision to hide his face certainly creates the sense that it’s someone important (specifically Dutch), it’s worth pointing out that another character – seen at 0:45 in the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer – sports the same look.

Why Dutch Hasn’t Returned In Cobra Kai Yet

Chad McQueen as Dutch in The Karate Kid

Chad McQueen retired from acting to focus on his career as a race car driver, so there was never really a great expectation for him to show up in Cobra Kai. However, that hasn’t stopped the showrunners from trying to get him involved, nor has it killed any hopes of Dutch eventually participating in Cobra Kai’s dojo war. While it’s true that McQueen has thus far shown no interest in reprising his Karate Kid role, it’s not impossible that he could change his mind. According to the showrunners, that was the very reason why Cobra Kai mentioned that he was in prison, rather than revealing that Dutch is dead. The plan was always to leave the door open for Dutch to come back if McQueen is ever willingly to appear.

The reveal that Cobra Kai is indeed putting Kreese in prison keeps Dutch’s return from being completely ruled out for now. That being said, the Cobra Kai sensei seen elsewhere in the trailer makes it unlikely that Dutch is the one Johnny was fighting. As exciting as it would be for Dutch to leave prison, join forces with Terry Silver, and become enemies with Johnny, this particular scenario may never come to pass in the Netflix series.

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