Welcome To Plathville: Isaac Shows Workout Progress In Before-After Pics


Isaac Plath, from Welcome to Plathville, shares his workout progress on Instagram. He compares himself to a picture from two years ago.

Welcome To Plathville Isaac Plath

Isaac Plath, who is known for his appearance on Welcome To Plathville, shared a workout progress Instagram story. Welcome to Plathville focuses on the eleven members of the Plath family. The family is known for having traditional habits and encouraging children to be focused on household values. Viewers have been shocked by the lack of technology and limited diets that the children have experienced. Nonetheless, the children of the Plath family have sought new experiences to develop their identities.


Isaac is the youngest son in the family. Isaac has been very involved in family matters and has pursued his interest in being a pilot. He is currently working at an airport and wishes to fly for a cargo company. He seems to focus on meeting his family’s expectations as he has seen conflict arise due to his siblings’ decisions. Viewers understand the Plath family to be restrictive as they do not believe education is useful and often feel that the children are rebels when they choose to pursue certain career paths. Regardless of this, Isaac has found a way to follow his passions while staying on good terms with his family.

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Welcome to Plathville Isaac Plath

On Instagram, Isaac shared a workout update to show the progress he has made. He included a picture from two years ago to show how he looks wearing the same shirt. The picture from two years ago includes Isaac smiling while wearing a hat and a gray shirt. Recently, Isaac shared an Instagram Story of a picture in the mirror of a bathroom to compare to his previous appearance. The gray shirt looks noticeably different in the recent picture due to workout routines. Isaac included a laughing face with some workout emojis as a caption to the post.

Fans of Welcome To Plathville seem to be supportive of Isaac as they view him as a kindhearted person. His followers have commented on his workout progress by praising his appearance. Some have said that Isaac is following the path set out by his older siblings. Many feel that Isaac should have more freedom to make his own choices. However, this concerns some as they support the traditional values of the Plath family while others feel it is restrictive and that Isaac should explore his identity. Many people have commented on his posts to share their thoughts on how he has been a great influence on the family. Viewers are curious about how his relationship with his family has developed over time.

Nonetheless, viewers will be excited to see how Isaac changes over time. As he is currently sixteen, many believe that he is still finding his place in the world and hope he is able to take control of his life. Fans of Welcome to Plathville hope he continues to be a great influence on the family and chooses his own life path.

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