What Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Reportedly Planning


After meeting on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass, a movie proclaimed as “trash” by one of its stars, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly fell hard and fast for each other. Not only did the actress sub as video vixen for “Bloody Valentine,” she eventually declared her undying love for MGK using a gun. In January of this year, they got engaged following two years of dating. (You can check out the engagement video here.) That means a wedding ceremony is on the horizon, and the Internet-breaking, pants-free couple reportedly have some untraditional plans in mind.

The Wedding Plans Keep Up With The Megan Fox/MGK Brand Nicely

Truth be told, the two have never been quite traditional in their relationship, if ever. The official engagement announcement concluded with Megan Fox actually saying they “drank each other’s blood” instead of the usual heart-eyed emoji fare. Fox’s engagement ring, in fact, was specifically designed to draw blood if taken off, according to Machine Gun Kelly. Apparently, the same grim approach will be applied to their wedding. A source for E! News said:

They want an extravagant, dark wedding as neither of them are the traditional type of people. Megan has even thought about wearing colored dress or even black.

Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to see a black wedding gown on the Transformers alum. (Although, Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn technically executed the idea first.) MGK had previously shared that one idea for the marriage ceremony includes a “red river” (presumably of faux blood) at a gothic location. So in essence, it sounds like we’re truly getting that Jennifer’s Body sequel after all.

How Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly’s Kids Will Play Into Plans

Another factor to the nuptials are the four kids connected to the relationship, who are 12 or younger. Megan Fox has three young sons with ex-husband Brian Austin Green – Journey, 5, Bodhi, 8, and Noah, 9. And Machine Gun Kelly has his daughter from a prior relationship, a 12-year-old named Casie. According to E! News’ source, the children will “definitely be involved in a special way.”

It’s a bit of a broad teaser, to be sure. But as far as Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly go, just the idea of a child-friendly goth wedding still leaves a lot to the imagination. For some reason, I now can’t stop picturing an Addams Family take on the entire ceremony. Come on, Fox as Morticia? You can see it, too, right? I mean, she has already suggested adding her BDSM Spice to the Spice Girl pantheon…

The lovers have time to spare, though, whatever the case may be. The report suggests that the wedding won’t be until next year anyway. And while the vision for it is writing itself, fans can check out CinemaBlend’s list of Megan Fox’s upcoming movies along with our schedule of 2022 movie releases.

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