Who’s Most Likely to Die in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4


After a grueling month-long wait, the final two episodes of Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4 are nearly here. Clocking in at nearly four hours all together, there’s no telling what shocking twists these episodes will bring, but one thing is for certain — come Volume 2’s release on July 1, not everyone is going to make it out alive.

Stranger Things hasn’t shied away from death in its previous seasons — Barb (Shannon Purser), Bob (Sean Astin), and Alexei’s (Alec Utgoff) untimely demises still sting — but our core characters have made it through each season relatively unscathed (physically, at least). But with Season 4’s villain Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) — undoubtedly the biggest threat the group has faced so far — the kill count has increased exponentially. The trend will continue in the upcoming episodes; Joseph Quinn (who plays Eddie) teased that the ending will be “carnage,” and Noah Schnapp (who plays Will) echoed his sentiments, confirming on The Tonight Show that more than one death will occur. It seems like the gang’s luck will run out in Vol. 2, and some major sacrifices will have to be made to save the world this time around.

So who of the Stranger Things crew are we mostly likely to have to say our goodbyes to in Vol. 2? Read on for our predictions of possible character deaths, ranked least to most likely.

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