Why The Ms. Pat Show Season 2 Finale Decision Is


In The Ms. Pat Show season 2 finale, Ms. Pat learned that she was pregnant and had an abortion despite her husband, Terry, pushing against the idea, a decision by the writers that was incredibly important. Terry struggled with the revelation because of his religious beliefs and was upset that she left him out of her decision. Ms. Pat reminded him that it was her body and her choice, sparking one of the season’s most important discussions in light of current events.

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The Ms. Pat Show is not new to tough discussions and controversial topics. It follows a fictional account of Ms. Pat’s lived experiences, moving to an all-white, conservative neighborhood that sharply contrasts her Atlanta upbringing. The Ms. Pat Show highlights divisive topics like child abuse, racism, abortion, drug addiction, and more.

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The show was written and filmed long before the Roe v Wade decision was overturned, sparking protests and debates across America. But The Ms. Pat Show season 2 finale’s decision to highlight such an important discussion at a critical point in the show and the country’s politics could not have come at a better time. This decision also shows that the comedy series does not stray from difficult discussions; rather, it creates a safe space to have these raw, unfiltered conversations among the characters for the viewer’s benefit.

Did Ms. Pat Really Get An Abortion In Season 2

Ms Pat in The Ms Pat Show

The Ms. Pat Show season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, with the pregnancy revelation and Terry’s struggles with his beliefs. It is only natural to expect that season 3 will address the aftermath of the situation and reveal whether Ms. Pat really got an abortion. If the ending of The Mrs. Pat Show season 1 showing Denise being kicked out of the house by Pat is anything to go by, dramatic season finales typically set the tone for a new season.

So, there is plenty of material for season 3 to build its premise on, given everything The Ms. Pat Show season 2 has covered. While the show’s episodes are typically hard to predict, one possible scenario is that the showrunners may write the plot to show that Ms. Pat was lying all along and start season 3 with a baby bump reveal. However, this would set the season off on the wrong tone, sending a tone-deaf message about freedom of choice and what a person chooses to do with their reproductive organs.

It would be regressive, as well as uncharacteristic, for the show to come off as leaning towards archaic, oppressive conservative principles. It’s far likelier that The Ms. Pat Show will stand by its decision to send a message about the rights of women and people who can get pregnant.

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