Zach Braff Comments On The Possibility Of A Scrubs Revival


Zach Braff opens up about the possibility of a Scrubs revival, and while he admits to not knowing anything, he says “there will be some incarnation.”

Zach Braff has recently spoken about the possibility of a Scrubs series revival. Braff, who played Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian in the hit comedy, first began his career alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in a 1989 television series pilot, High, which never went to air. After a number of smaller roles, including Woody Allen’s 1993 Manhattan Murder Mystery, his casting as J.D. in Scrubs served as his first major role and would also eventuate in him earning nominations for 3 Golden Globes and an Emmy.

Considered one of the most successful sitcoms of the 2000s, the series was well known for its slapstick comedy and surrealistic daydream sequences. First premiering in October 2001, the series would run for nine seasons until March 2010. Originally, the Scrubs season 8 finale was intended to serve as the show’s ending, however, an additional season renewal led to the show changing its setting from Sacred Heart Hospital to a medical school at Winston University and introducing a new core cast. While Braff would continue on throughout the final season, the season would introduce Kerry Bishé’s Lucy Bennett as the new lead character.


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Most recently, Braff spoke with Comic Book Movie about his latest project, a Disney+ remake of the family comedy Cheaper By The Dozen. During the interview, Braff was asked about the possibility of a Scrubs series revival and admitted that while he doesn’t know if any plans are being made, he “imagine[s] there will be some incarnation” at some point in the future. Check out his complete response below:

I don’t know. I do get asked it every single day, even when I’m not doing a press junket. For now, we’re going to stick with our podcast – Fake Doctors, Real Friends – and if you’re not listening, please check it out. You can get it wherever you get your podcasts. I think one day, because there’s so much clamouring for it (which I’m so grateful for), that I imagine there will be some incarnation. Whether it’s a TV movie or limited series or something. We’ll do something.

Zach Braff and John C McGinley in Scrubs

In recent years, series reboots and revivals have become increasingly commonplace, and much beloved shows are often given a second chance at life. Fans have already seen shows that once served as contemporaries of Scrubs, such as Veronica Mars and Dexter, make their way back onto their screens via either films or limited series runs. Others still have also been used as fodder for a complete reboot, such that undertaken by the latest iteration of Charmed. In the world of television, it would seem, if there is enough interest, nothing is ever really completely finished for good.

Of course, fans of Scrubs would relish the opportunity to see the cast get back together for some more crazy medical antics. Most would agree, however, that Braff’s J.D. would need to return as the central figure and narrator for whatever form that takes, unlike the show’s final season. With a legion devoted of fans seemingly already asking Braff “every single day,” hopefully, it will not be too much longer before studio executives see the sense in bringing Scrubs back onto people’s screens.

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Source: Comic Book Movie

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