Zach Braff Responds To Fans Demanding He Play Arrowverse’s Blue


Exclusive: Zach Braff responded to calls for him to play the Ted Kord incarnation of Blue Beetle as part of DC’s Arrowverse television universe.

Zach Braff responds to calls for him to play the Ted Kord incarnation of Blue Beetle as part of DC Comics’ Arrowverse television universe. Braff’s Scrubs co-star Donald Faison recently appeared as the time-travelling hero Booster Gold in DC’s Legends of Tomorrows season 7 finale. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold have a close friendship in the original comics and people seem to think the actors’ Scrubs chemistry would translate well to the world of superheroes.

Created by legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko in 1966, Ted Kord is the genius inventor who runs Kord Industries while also fighting crime as Blue Beetle with his arsenal of skills and advanced technology. Kord would eventually become a member of the Justice League, where he would strike up a close friendship with Booster Gold that has persisted throughout the company’s publication history. Booster Gold’s Arrowverse debut came after much discussion between showrunners Phil Klemmer and Keto Shimizu and DC Comics leadership, eventually leading to Faison portraying the character in the show’s season 7 episode “Knocked Down, Knocked Up.” Following the character’s debut, viewers quickly expressed their hopes that Booster Gold’s closest friend would be played by Braff, and now the actor and filmmaker himself has responded to the demands.


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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant to discuss his role in Disney+’s Cheaper by the Dozen, Braff was asked about the film’s comic references, as well as Faison’s casting as Booster Gold. When asked whether he would take on the role of Kord alongside Faison’s Booster Gold, Braff admitted that he didn’t know anything about the character or the source material, but was well aware of the fan demand on social media following Faison’s debut. Though he apologized to fans for not being knowledgeable of the character, he affirmed that he would be open to playing Kord regardless of having no familiarity. Check out Braff’s response below.

“Now, there’s a Comic-Con reference in this film and the little Cosplay reference as well. I have to ask because there’s a rumor going around that your longtime friend, Donald Faison, is playing a DC character named Booster Gold.

Zach Braff: Yeah.

Now, what are the chances we can get you to re-team up and you can play Booster’s best friend, the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord?

Zach Braff: That’s what I heard. I heard rumors, and I know nothing about comic books, but when Donald got this part, my social media blew up with ‘You got to play Ted Kord now’. Now I don’t know who Ted Kord is. I’m sorry, comic book fans, but I would love to play Ted Kord. You can start the rumor. I’m down to play Ted Kord. I don’t know anything about Ted Kord, but I’ll do it.”

Legends Of Tomorrow Donald Faison as Booster Gold

With Booster Gold’s potential involvement being teased by producers should Legends of Tomorrow be renewed for an eighth season, it is evident that the character has a place in future plans for the Arrowverse. Interest in Braff’s potential casting comes down to his and Faison’s chemistry on-screen and their friendship away from the cameras. The two actors met during the production of NBC/ABC’s comedy-drama Scrubs, where Braff and Faison portrayed physician John Michael “J.D.” Dorian and surgeon Christopher Turk, respectively, throughout the show’s 9 seasons. One of the show’s most celebrated aspects, Braff and Faison’s friendship extended beyond their characters and into real life, with the two currently hosting the “Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald” podcast together in which they reflect on the comedy series.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the wider Arrowverse has a history of smart casting with self-awareness of previous roles. Examples include casting Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne in a Kingdom Come-inspired universe during the “Crisis on Infinite Earth” crossover, casting Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor following his previous portrayal of the characters’ nephew in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, or having both Brandon Routh and Tom Welling reprise their prior portrayals of Superman. Such castings can provide a fun nod to the actors’ and characters’ histories, and while Braff himself hasn’t had a DC role before, seeing him portray Kord would not only be a welcome nod to his and Faison’s time on Scrubs, but the two actors’ chemistry can perfectly bring one of DC Comics’ most beloved friendships to screen.

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