Bring Me The Horizon and Masked Wolf team up for


Bring Me The Horizon are back with another genre-bending collaboration, this time with hip-hop artist Masked Wolf. They have released the new single “Fallout.”

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“I haven’t done a collaboration that felt dark; I always felt that my brand had that edge of darkness to it, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to come along,” Masked Wolf says (via Total Entertainment). “When I heard ‘Fallout,’ it grabbed me straight away. The way I felt like I was meant to be in the rubble but could still be brought out, that’s the feeling it gave me.

“The way the song builds over time made me feel like there was nothing wrong with it at all,” he continues. “To me, it’s perfectly structured and gives me the emotions I love diving deeper into when writing songs.”

The track arrives on the heels of Bring Me The Horizon‘s recent collaborations with Ed Sheeran on “Bad Habits” and Machine Gun Kelly on “maybe.”

Listen to “Fallout” below.

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