Pearl Jam Drop 2023 Tour Bombshell


During a recent interview with Guitar World, long-time Pearl Jam member Mike McCready discussed the next set of plans for Pearl Jam as this year will be the only show on the Gigaton Tour. Gigaton, the eleventh studio album by Vedder and company came out on March 27, 2020. It was, in addition, the group’s first studio album in seven years. The original scheduled North American leg of tour dates in promotion for the album was postponed due to the worldwide pandemic.

Pearl Jam’s new album recently ‘stunned’ fans. During the interview, Mike McCready would state that in 2023 Pearl Jam would reshift gears and focus primarily on recording new music. Credit to the outlet for the following.

“Assuming all goes according to plan, we’ll be touring the States and Europe in 2022, and then we should be looking at making an album after that. “So I don’t expect there to be anywhere near as long an interval before the next record comes out.”

Over on the universally known eCommerce site Amazon, reviewers young and old have been singing praises for Pearl Jam’s latest musical effort. Here, one amateur reviewer – Dubblenikle proclaimed the following:

“I’m 40. So I was 12 when ten came out. Ten, vs & Vitalogy were my high school soundtrack. No code was good. Yield was excellent. Since then it’s been ok to not great. Lightning bolt was pretty good. I’m. On my third time through this album. It gets better every time. I’m ready to put this after the big 4 (ten, vs, Vitalogy & Yield). I was never able to get into Backspacer and the avocado album. This one is great. In my opinion, the two singles are the worst two songs on the album. Quick escape, comes and goes, retrograde & river cross are highlights. Maybe it’s my age but this album is great. Recommend.”

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